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2019 Nike EYBL Preview: Interview with Tommy Murr

By D1 Circuit Staff, 04/18/19, 6:15PM EDT


Tommy Murr is set to make his EYBL debut for the Alabama Fusion next week, and the scoring guard will enter the circuit with a fair amount of hype attached to his name.

A 6-foot-2 junior, Murr has put up some astonishing offensive numbers during his high school career. He averaged 45.1 points per game in 2018-19 for Lindsay Lane Christian (AL) and has already amassed over 4,000 points scored in his career. 

Nate Bucsko caught up with the Lindsay Lane Christian (AL) product, addressing a number of topics including his upcoming EYBL season, what he's looking for in a college, and how he spends his time off the basketball court.

Q: How was the high school season for you?

Tommy Murr: The high school season was amazing, really feel blessed in the many opportunities I was given and thankful for the improvements I and my team made and the maturity I gained through the many experiences and memories made over the year. It was a huge year for our school. We really turned heads and woke people up this year.

What do you feel you improved on most on the court?

TM: I felt I improved in several areas, growing my IQ on and off the floor and gaining mental toughness with all the hate that I got was big for me. Just being able to block out the media and what people are saying and tweeting and just playing my game and staying true to who I am as a christian, player, son, student, and friend.

Do you feel like there was a target on your back every game being one of the most prolific scorers ever in high school? How does that affect your preparation?

TM: Yeah definitely, it’s something I'm aware of but I try not to put too much focus on it. On and off the court I know I have to be aware of my situation and how some may view me and have wrong intentions towards me so I have to be cautious. But I  know who I am and what others think of me has never affected me.

What are you most looking forward to about playing in the EYBL?

TM: I’m looking forward to the level of competition and the many opportunities it will bring. Obviously, EYBL is the pinnacle of the AAU world and it’s always been a goal of mine to play at this level. I know that given I perform well during the spring and summer it will greatly benefit me and my college recruitment.

What do you feel like you need to prove as a player this summer to college coaches and future teammates/opponents at the next level?

TM: I have to show that I belong and that I can compete at the highest level, alongside the best. I need to show my full artillery of skills, to show there’s more to me than just scoring. I need to prove myself as one of the best guards in the county, with many weapons that could be an asset to any college team.

Which player(s) do watch most and emulate at the next level? Anyone you’re watching more film of?

TM:  Steve Nash, Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul, and Jimmer Fredette are all guys I watched a lot growing up and modeled my game after different parts of theirs. I watch a lot of film on PG’s and SG’s in college and the NBA.

What’s the main factor you’re looking at as far as programs at the next level?

TM: I want to go somewhere that is a good fit for me on and off the court. somewhere I can get a quality education, be surrounded by a good environment, feel at home, and have a strong relationship with the coaching staff and my teammates.

Outside of ball what are your main interests/hobbies?

TM: I like spending time with friends and family, playing 2k (haha), and pretty much playing any other sport (football, basketball, baseball doesn’t matter!)

With the game on the line and the ball in your hands, are you looking to shoot, pass or drive/kick for the win?

TM: It just depends on the situation and flow of the game. As the point guard and leader of my team on the floor, I would make the decision and take the ball where I thought was best and would give us a win. I would try to do whatever was best for the team.  I’m confident in myself and all my teammates at the end of a game.

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