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2019 Nike EYBL Preview: Interview with Andre Jackson

By D1 Circuit Staff, 04/18/19, 7:00PM EDT


Junior Andre Jackson will return to the City Rocks this spring, and the 6-foot-6 swingman is eager to get started.

Due to an injury and upperclassmen in front of him in the rotation, Jackson wasn't able to accurately showcase why he's ranked 40th in 247 Sports Composite 2020 rankings.

Jackson has elite athleticism and major bounce, and he'll definitely benefit from the implementation of the 24-second shot clock. Jackson is at his best when he's getting up and down the floor, and he loves getting after it defensively.

Jackson, who helped Albany Academy (NY) take home the New York Federation A Championship, spoke to D1 about a variety of topics surrounding his upcoming EYBL campaign.

What will your role be with the squad this spring/summer and how have you been preparing for it?

Andre Jackson: I will have a much bigger role on this team this upcoming season. Last year I didn’t play a very big role; I played between 6-10 minutes a game. This year I will be playing a lot more than I did last year and I feel that I am very prepared to go up against the talent that the EYBL circuit brings to the table.

What’s an interest you have outside of ball that people don’t know about?

AJ: Nothing, really.  I watch a lot of TV shows but other than that I dedicate around 90% of my free time to basketball.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

AJ: Probably to learn how to play without the ball because the ball is only in your hands for a short percentage of the game.

If you could have dinner with 3 people alive or deceased, who would they be?

AJ: J Cole, Tinker Hatfield, and Malcolm X.

What will be your guys’ style of play and what will be different about y’all compared to the other squads on the circuit?

AJ: Our coaches teach us to have discipline, and also we don’t have many new guys so everyone on the team has a good bond. We also have a very athletic team this year which could give us an opportunity to stand out amongst the other teams.

What drives you to be great on the court?

AJ: There’s a lot of things. I have dreams to make this sport of basketball last as long as it can and benefit me as much as it can so every time I step on the court I just think about how much my life can change if I completely dedicate myself to playing basketball.

Who is your biggest role model, either on or off the court?

AJ: Easily my mom.

Who will beat the Warriors for the championship and how?

AJ: I don’t think anyone. LeBron isn’t in the playoffs so I think Golden State will definitely win it.

If there’s one place you would go outside of the US, where would it be and why?

AJ: Probably to Africa or Italy because I could see the history and origin that my bloodline came from.

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