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2019 Nike EYBL Preview: Interview with Terrence Clarke

By D1 Circuit Staff, 04/18/19, 5:45PM EDT


Sophomore Terrence Clarke (247 No. 3) is the highest-ranked recruit in Expressions Elite program history, and he's heading into his second EYBL season as the unquestioned go-to-guy for head coach Todd Quarles and company.

Blessed with elite length and athleticism, Clarke is a bouncy wing that has a refined offensive skill-set. He has an extensive bag of tricks when attacking the basket, and his impact in the transition game will be invaluable.

Clarke is coming off an impressive sophomore campaign for powerhouse Brewster Academy where he operates as the youngest player on the roster. Transferring to Brewster was terrific for Clarke's development, and the 6-foot-6 playmaker will be looking to improve on his 2018 EYBL averages of  8.6 points, 2.1 rebounds & 2.0 assists in 20 games.

Clarke, a 1st-Team NEPSAC AAA selection, caught up with D1's Lindsay LeDuc, 

Q: First and foremost, how excited are you to run with Expressions Elite in the EYBL again?

Terrance Clarke: After last season I learned a lot from the older guys on the team. With the opportunity of playing for Expressions for a second year is a blessing especially on the best circuit in the country. I've worked tirelessly since we lost during Peach Jam, and now I want to show how much I've improved. Working with our director and coach Todd Quarles, I want to become more of a leader for this team as a returner to the league.

How are you looking to improve as a leader? Are you looking to be more vocal or are you more of a "lead by example" type of guy?

TC: As a returner, I want to lead in any way possible.  There will be situations this year where we can run into adversity or struggles.  I mainly want to improve my vocal ability to be able to be a second coach for my teammates.

As far as skills go, what do you do best on the court right now? Anything you pride yourself on?

TC: At 6-foot-7, I feel as I can score on all three levels of the game, but I want to be considered more of a guard than a wing.  For Brewster Academy, I felt like my job was to play make and I take pride in getting others involved using my high court awareness.  I can see the court in different ways and can affect the game in all aspects.

What would you say is the biggest difference between EYBL and High School ball? Does your approach change at all?

TC: I don't feel as if there is any huge difference in my approach for any game.  My determination and competitive nature are always high against any opponent.  I feel as the NEPSAC league helps me transition to EYBL smoothly as I know I'll be playing against great competition every time I step on the court.

What kind of things do you like to do off the court?

TC: Off the court, I try to rest as much as I can.  I think I'm a top 5 Fortnite basketball player and 2K player.  So I love to relax, play with my friends on video games and spend time with my family since I'm at school a lot.

Professionally, do you have any idea what you'd be focusing on if basketball wasn't in the picture?

TC: If basketball wasn't in the picture, I'd focus on education and majoring to get a bachelors degree to be a lawyer someday.  Off the court, I've always tried to be involved with music, so I'd try to progress in that also. 

Do you have any favorite musicians or music style?

TC: My family is from the Caribbean Islands, so i used to play an instrument called steel pan.  Other than that, my favorite rapper is by far Lil Baby, but I'm a fan of Gunna, G Herbo and Lil TJay.

Where are you from in the Caribbean? Do you have any family there? How often do you go back?

TC: My family is from Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana.  Most of my great parents are from the islands.  I haven't gone back in a while, but I try to go with my father when I have the chance.

If you could visit anywhere on earth, where would it be and why?

TC: I would visit the Mamba Academy or the Sports Academy to workout with one of the greatest scorers of Kobe Bryant.  Or I'd visit any gym Kevin Durant or Paul George is at in the summer to get some work in with them!

That leads me to my next question, who is your favorite NBA player and why?

TC: I have 3 favorite players, Kevin Durant, Paul George and James Harden and all that is common for them is their style of play is something I want to match. With them being scorers, they can also read the court and make the right play.  Their playmaking ability along with their shifty moves to score is something that I try to model my game after.

What did it feel like to make the USA team?

TC: Trying out for the USA team was an unbelievable experience and I am still blessed, honored and extremely grateful for having the time to work with the USA staff.  Competing with the top players in the country was great and I feel that I learned a lot from others. 

If you could have dinner with 3 people, dead or alive, who would it be?

TC: First dinner would be with the greatest player of all time, Michael Jordan.  I'd ask about his struggles, what he did after being cut and how to establish a "killer mentality."

Second, I'd talk to Kevin Durant because I would love to talk to Kevin about how great of a scorer he is and how he came up especially being from the inner city. 

Third, I'm asking my crush Zendaya because she's just different. 

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