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Nike EYBL Power 10 Rankings: Volume 3 (Post-Indy)

By D1 Circuit Staff, 05/22/19, 6:45PM EDT


The EYBL Power 10 rankings have been updated through eight games, and five programs were able to maintain their top ten status, while five new teams debut heading into the season's final regular season session in Dallas.

Check out the full rankings below, and check back Friday evening for exclusive coverage of the 17U Nike EYBL in Dallas.

EYBL Power 10

1. Texas Titans (TX) 7-1-0 1
2. Phenom University (WI) 7-1-0 3
3. Woodz Elite (AR) 7-1-0 13
4. PSA Cardinals (NY) 7-1-0 12
5. Mac Irvin Fire (IL) 7-1-0 14
6. Boo Williams (VA) 6-2-0 8
7. MOKAN Elite (KS) 6-2-0
8. Expressions Elite (MA) 6-2-0
9. Vegas Elite (NV) 5-3-0 4
10. Indy Heat (IN) 6-2-0 6

11. Alabama Fusion (AL), 12. The Family Detroit (MI), 13. Team WhyNot (CA), 14. Team Takeover (DC), 15. Nightrydas Elite (FL), 16. Renaissance (NY), 17. Seattle Rotary Style (WA)

No. 1: Texas Titans

Record: 7-1

Location: Dallas, TX

247 Ranked Recruits: 7 (0.385 CSI)

Notable wins: Phenom University (7-1), Woodz Elite (7-1), Pro Skills (4-4)
Losses: Team Final (PA)
Wins vs. under .500: 4

▪️PPG: 85.0
▪️FG%: 49.7
▪️RPG: 36.2
▪️APG: 16

Dallas schedule: Renaissance (5-3), Houston Hoops (5-3), MEBO (3-5), Mac Irvin (7-1), Team CP3 (1-7)


The Titans remain atop the rankings after suffering their lone loss of the season to Team Final in the EYBL Indy finale. The Titans are led by EYBL Most Valuable Player candidate Cade Cunningham, and his presence in the lineup makes everyone else better. Cunningham followed up his MVP showing in Atlanta with a Second-Team All-EYBL selection in Indianapolis. 5-star junior Greg Brown III was super-solid in Indianapolis, as was floor general Mike Miles.  Three of their final five games are against winning competition and their matchup against newly-minted No. 5 Mac Irvin Fire will be one of the best matchups of the session.

EYBL Dallas Schedule:

No. 2: Phenom University (WI)

Record: 7-1

Location: Milwaukee, WI

247 Ranked Recruits: 6 (0.36 CSI)

Notable wins: PSA Cardinals (7-1), MeanStreets (4-4)
Losses: Texas Titans (7-1)
Wins vs. under .500: 5 (one forfeit)

▪️PPG: 77.7
▪️FG%: 48.3
▪️RPG: 31.0
▪️APG: 16.9

Dallas schedule: Nightrydas Elite (5-3), E1T1 United (0-8), Bluff City Legends (1-7), Pro Skills (4-4), Vegas Elite (5-3)


Phenom University has been on a tear since losing to the top-ranked Texas Titans. Milwaukee's EYBL representative won by an average of 28 points per game in Indianapolis while seeing three players land All-Session awards; Jalen Johnson (First Team), Patrick Baldwin Jr (Second Team and Offensive POTS) and Reece Beekman (All-Breakout Team). Phenom will face a relatively light schedule in Dallas comparatively speaking, but they'll have a doozy up a matchup against No. 9 Vegas Elite in the season finale.

EYBL Dallas Schedule:

No. 3: Woodz Elite (AR)

Record: 7-1

Location: Arkansas

247 Ranked Recruits: 2 (0.1 CSI)

▪️PPG: 78.8
▪️FG%: 50.1
▪️RPG: 38.5
▪️APG: 1

Notable wins: MeanStreets (4-4), Vegas Elite (5-3), Houston Hoops (5-3)
Losses: Texas Titans (7-1)
Wins vs. under .500: 4

Dallas schedule: Team CP3 (1-7), Mac Irvin Fire (7-1), Playaz Club (2-6), Team Final (4-4), Renaissance (5-3)


Let's be frank: Woodz Elite probably should have been ranked in the top five from the season's outset. The defending E16 Champions rolled to a 4-0 showing in Indianapolis behind a talented, balanced lineup that loves playing with one another. Forwards Chris Moore and Jaylin Williams - a Third Team All-Indy performer - will be instrumental to their success moving forward. They'll be the favorite in every game they play in Dallas, and if they can pick up wins over the Renaissance and Mac Irvin, they will have one of the best individual resumes heading into Peach Jam.

EYBL Dallas Schedule:

No. 4: PSA Cardinals (NY)

Record: 7-1

Location: New York, NY

247 Ranked Recruits: 6 (0.31 CSI)

▪️PPG: 76.9
▪️FG%: 49.6
▪️RPG: 32.1
▪️APG: 1

Notable wins: Renaissance (5-3), MeanStreets (4-4)
Losses: Phenom University (7-1)
Wins vs. under .500: 5

Dallas schedule: Vegas Elite (5-3), Pro Skills (4-4), Drive Nation (2-6), UPLAY Canada (0-8), Nightrydas Elite (5-3)


Much like Woodz Elite, PSA has been well-worthy of a ranking since the beginning of the season, and they cemented that fact in Indianapolis. 5-star sophomore AJ Griffin Jr made his debut at the Pacers' Athletic Center, and the 6-foot-6 swingman did not disappoint. Griffin averaged over 20 points per game en route to Underclassman of the Session Honors, and fellow backcourt playmakers AJ Hoggard, Hassan Diarra, and Jamal Mashburn Jr didn't skip a beat with his addition to the rotation. This team has a little bit of everything, and Munch Williams makes them one of the most well-coached teams on the circuit.

EYBL Dallas Schedule:

No. 5: Mac Irvin Fire (IL)

Record: 7-1

Location: Chicago, IL

247 Ranked Recruits: 2 (0.15 CSI)

▪️PPG: 83.1
▪️FG%: 46.4
▪️RPG: 39.1
▪️APG: 1

Notable wins: Renaissance (5-3) Team Final (4-4)
Losses: MeanStreets (4-4)
Wins vs. under .500: 5

Dallas schedule: Houston Hoops (5-3), Woodz Elite (7-1), Team Melo (2-6), Texas Titans (7-1), MEBO (3-5)


Head coach Mike Irvin has his most talented unit in a number of years. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the season, the Fire continued their 2019 success in a big way in Indy. Junior guards Marcus Watson Jr and Adam Miller have proven to be a lethal combo, while big men Michael Foster Jr and Ryan Kalkbrenner have been one of the best frontcourt duos on the circuit. Junior forward Seryee Lewis and sophomore swingman Brandon Weston have both taken their game to another level, and if they continue to produce as they have over the first eight games, the Fire will enter July as certified contenders for the Peach Jam title.

EYBL Dallas Schedule:

No. 6: Boo Williams (VA)

Record: 6-2

Location: Hampton, VA

247 Ranked Recruits: 5 (0.36 CSI)

▪️PPG: 83.4
▪️FG%: 48.4
▪️RPG: 35.4
▪️APG: 1

Notable wins: MOKAN Elite (6-2), Seattle Rotary (5-3), Team Takeover (5-3), Team Durant (4-4)
Losses: Indy Heat (6-2), Oakland Soldiers (3-5)
Wins vs. under .500: 2

Dallas schedule: BABC (0-8), The Family Detroit (6-2), City Rocks (3-5), AOT Running Rebels (4-4), Alabama Fusion (6-2)


Boo Williams put up their second consecutive 3-1 session behind their star scorer Cameron Thomas. A First Team All-Indy performer, Thomas is the heart and soul of Boo's squad, but the supporting cast is something special. 7-foot-1 junior big man Mark Williams has been a difference-maker down low, while 5-star sophomores Aminu Mohammad and Zion Harmon have made huge contributions in the starting lineup. Mohammed is an x-factor for this unit. His ability to defend multiple positions and rebound at a high rate makes him one of the most versatile guards on the circuit. Boo wasn't given any favors with their Dallas slate of games as they'll face four teams with Peach Jam aspirations.

EYBL Dallas Schedule:

No. 7: MOKAN Elite (KS)

Record: 6-2

Location: Wichita, KS

247 Ranked Recruits: 5 (0.225 CSI)

▪️PPG: 75.1
▪️FG%: 51.0
▪️RPG: 35.6
▪️APG: 1

Notable wins: The Family Detroit (6-2), Team Takeover (5-3)
Losses: Boo Williams (6-2), Expressions Elite (6-2)
Wins vs. under .500: 4

Dallas schedule: Oakland Soldiers (3-5), Alabama Fusion (6-2), Indy Heat (6-2), BABC (0-8), AOT Running Rebels (4-4)


MOKAN Elite absolutely drubbed No. 2 The Family Detroit in Indy, sparking an unbeaten 4-game performance that saw N'Faly Dante earn Most Valuable Player honors. Junior Luke Kasubke and sophomore Kennedy Chandler - an All-Underclassman performer in Indy - have been rock-solid for MOKAN through the first eight games. 7-foot junior big man Davion Bradford has proven to be a weapon alongside Dante, and if juniors Samson Ruzhentsev and  Coban Porter continue to evolve into their roles, this unit becomes 'scary' good. Lastly, the addition of 2018 veteran Dujuan Harris is a game-changer for MOKAN. Harris averaged over seven assists a game for MOKAN in Indy, and his ability to make his teammates better is his biggest asset. He defends his tail off and rarely makes a mistake with the ball in his hands. If he continues to contribute at a high level, this squad becomes one of the most complete teams in America. 

EYBL Dallas Schedule:

No. 8: Expressions Elite (MA)

Record: 6-2

Location: Boston, MA

247 Ranked Recruits: (0.175 CSI)

▪️PPG: 77.4
▪️FG%: 48.5
▪️RPG: 36.1
▪️APG: 1

Notable wins: MOKAN Elite (6-2), Alabama Fusion (6-2), Georgia Stars (4-4)
Losses: Team WhyNot (5-3), All Ohio Red (4-4)
Wins vs. under .500: 3

Dallas schedule: NY Lightning (4-4), Howard Pulley (1-7), Seattle Rotary (5-3), Team Durant (4-4), Team Takeover (5-3)


This seems to be the trend for Expressions Elite; start off the season a bit slow, then kick it into high gear when they get more comfortable as a unit. They followed suit in Indianapolis, rattling off four straight wins behind the play of Indianapolis Defensive Player of the Session Moussa Cisse. The 6-foot-10 5-star sophomore averaged 4.5 blocked shots per game in Indianapolis while disrupting countless others. Top-five sophomore Terrence Clarke earned All-Underclassmen honors, while juniors Enoch Cheeks, Dyondre Dominguez, and Aaron Gray made big contributions. Sophomore point guard Bensley Joseph had a pair of big games in Indianapolis, and if he gets more comfortable as the team's floor general, then it's likely we've yet to see the best that Expressions Elite has to offer.

EYBL Dallas Schedule:

No. 9 Vegas Elite (NV)

Record: 5-3

Location: Las Vegas, NV

247 Ranked Recruits: 9 (0.465 CSI)

▪️PPG: 97.4
▪️FG%: 49.9
▪️RPG: 35.0

Big wins: Nightrydas Elite (5-3), Renaissance (5-3), Pro Skills (4-4)
Losses: Woodz Elite (7-1), Team Final (4-4), MeanStreets (4-4)
Wins vs. under .500: 2

Dallas schedule: PSA Cardinals (7-1), Bluff City Legends (1-7), UPLAY (0-8), Drive Nation (2-6), Phenom University (7-1)


Vegas Elite is the only 5-3 team in the rankings, but they've been marred by a couple of setbacks. The first? They are not a morning team. Vegas Elite dropped each of their first two Sunday 8:00 am games, and while that's not an excuse, it might explain why they lost two games (Team Final & MeanStreets) by a combined three points, with the latter coming on a buzzer-beater in double-overtime. Fatigue is undoubtedly an issue for Vegas' 9-man rotation, as they do not look like the same energetic, run-you-out-of-the-gym team by the time Sunday rolls around. All of that being said, when they're good, they're really damn good. Led by Josh Christopher, Julian Strawther, and Jaden Hardy, VEBC nearly averages 100 points per game while nearly always dictating the pace of play. They will have an extremely fun matchup against Phenom University in their final matchup of the session. Will they be worn down by the time the fifth game rolls around in Dallas? Only time will tell.

EYBL Dallas Schedule:

No. 10: Indy Heat (IN)

Record: 6-2

Location: Indianapolis, IN

247 Ranked Recruits: 7 (0.255 CSI)

▪️PPG: 87.2
▪️FG%: 51.3
▪️RPG: 35.0
▪️APG: 1

Notable wins: Boo Williams (6-2), Team WhyNot (5-3), All Ohio Red (4-4), NY Lightning (4-4), AOT Running Rebels (4-4)
Losses: City Rocks (3-5), Georgia Stars (4-4)
Wins vs. under .500: 1

Dallas schedule: Team United (0-8), Oakland Soldiers (3-5), MOKAN Elite (6-2), Alabama Fusion (6-2), The Family Detroit (6-2)


The Indy Heat suffered their first two losses of the season while defending home court, but their overall resume is still worth of a top-ten ranking. They own the most wins (5) over .500+ teams in the league, hold a signature win over No. 6 Boo Williams, and their two losses were both two Peach Jam contenders. The addition of 4-star big man John Hugley IV proved to be beneficial in Indianapolis, and the 6-foot-8 forward should only get more comfortable in the Heat's 9-man rotation. 6-foot-6 junior guard D'Andre Davis earned Breakout Player of the Session honors after averaging 19.5 points and six rebounds per game in Indy, and if he continues his strong play alongside high-major guards Jaden Ivey (Purdue commit), Nijel Pack, and Justin Powell, then the Heat will remain a favorite among this year's crop of EYBL teams.

EYBL Dallas Schedule:

On the Fringe:

Alabama Fusion (6-2)
Notable wins: AOT Running Rebels (4-4), Team Durant (4-4)
Losses: Expressions Elite (6-2), All Ohio Red (4-4)
Wins vs. under .500: 4
Dallas schedule: The Family Detroit (6-2), MOKAN Elite (6-2), Team United (0-8), Indy Heat (6-2), Boo Williams (6-2)

The Family Detroit (6-2)
Notable wins: NY Lightning (4-4), Seattle Rotary (5-3)
Losses: MOKAN Elite (6-2), Brad Beal Elite (2-6)
Wins vs. under .500: 4
Dallas schedule: Alabama Fusion (6-2), Boo Williams (6-2), AOT Running Rebels (4-4), City Rocks (3-5), Indy Heat (6-2)

Team WhyNot (5-3)
Notable wins: Expressions Elite (6-2), AOT Running Rebels (4-4), Team Durant (4-4),
Losses: Indy Heat (6-2), Seattle Rotary (5-3), All Ohio Red (4-4)
Wins vs. under .500: 2
Dallas schedule: Team Takeover (5-3), Brad Beal Elite (2-6), Georgia Stars (4-4), Howard Pulley (1-7), NY Lightning (4-4)

Team Takeover (5-3)
Notable wins: Seattle Rotary (5-3), NY Lightning (4-4),
Losses: Boo Williams (6-2), MOKAN Elite (6-2), Team Durant (4-4)
Wins vs. under .500: 3
Dallas schedule: Team WhyNot (5-3), Georgia Stars (4-4), Howard Pulley (1-7), All Ohio Red (4-4), Expressions Elite (6-2)

Nightrydas Elite (5-3)
Notable wins: Pro Skills (4-4)
Losses: Vegas Elite (5-3), Houston Hoops (5-3), Team Final (4-4),
Wins vs. under .500: 4
Dallas schedule: Phenom University (7-1), MeanStreets (4-4), E1T1 United (0-8), Bluff City Legends (1-7), PSA Cardinals (7-1)

NY Renaissance (5-3)
Notable wins: Team Final (4-4)
Losses: PSA Cardinals (7-1), Vegas Elite (5-3), Mac Irvin Fire (7-1)
Wins vs. under .500: 4
Dallas schedule: Texas Titans (7-1), Team Melo (2-6), Houston Hoops (5-3), MEBO Team Hood (3-5), Woodz Elite (7-1)

Seattle Rotary Style (5-3)
Notable wins: Team WhyNot (5-3), Georgia Stars (4-4), All Ohio Red (4-4)
Losses: The Family Detroit (6-2), Boo Williams (6-2), Team Takeover (5-3)
Wins vs. under .500: 2
Dallas schedule: Howard Pulley (1-7), Team Durant (4-4), Expressions Elite (6-2), NY Lightning (4-4), Brad Beal Elite (2-6)


Session Awards: