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Power Rankings - Session 3

By D1 Circuit, 05/16/13, 1:15PM EDT


Still No. 1, Team Takeover remains the powerhouse of perfection

Power Rankings | May 15

1.   Team Takeover
Washington, D.C.
13-0 1
2.   Houston Hoops
Houston, Texas
12-1 3
3.   CP3 All-Stars
Greensboro, N.C.
11-2 8
4.   Spiece Indy Heat
Indianapolis, Ind.
10-3 5
5.   Expressions Elite
11-2 2
6.   Each 1 Teach 1
Orlando, Fla.
9-4 -
7.   Team Scan
Bronx, N.Y.
9-4 -
8.   BABC
9-4 8
9.  Meanstreets
9-4 7
10.   Boo Williams
Hampton, Va.
9-4 6

Headed into the final session of the circuit, Team Takeover (13-0) has a chance to finish the season with a perfect record. The D.C. boys will have a tough road, though, facing ranked opponents in four of their final five games.

Here's a deeper look at the D1 Circuit Power Rankings for May 15.

1. Team Takeover, Washington, D.C.
What's left to say? Team Takeover heads into the final Minneapolis Session a perfect 13-0. They have played great team basketball, and it has paid off. With the a spot in the Peach Jam firmly secured, what's left to be seen is whether or not they can finish strong and lock up the top position.

2. Houston Hoops, Houston
Houston Hoops bounced back well from their one loss during the Hampton Session and went 4-0 in Dallas. They are still tops in scoring in the Elite Youth Basketball League at 74.8 points per game, and the closest they came to losing in Dallas was 14 points. Even with the one loss, you could easily argue that Houston Hoops is the best team in the EYBL - and you might be right.

3. CP3 All-Stars, Greensboro, N.C.
If there is one team overlooked in the past weeks, it has to be CP3. They showed flashes of being one of the top teams in the EYBL in past weeks, but not enough to crack the top 5. Well, they certainly showed more this weekend. CP3 were leaps and bounds ahead of the competition in Dallas, defeating divisional opponents by 30, 37, 14, and 20 points. They also put up a staggering 102 points in a regulation game. 

4. Spiece Indy Heat, Indianapolis
After surprising some by sneaking into the April 30 power rankings at 6-3, the Indianapolis squad roared through Dallas. Indy Heat added top 2014 prospect Trey Lyles to their roster and proceeded to go 4-0, winning each game by eight points or more (including a 40 point victory over Arkansas Wings). This team is the real deal.

5. Expressions Elite, Boston
The No. 2 team from April 30 drops due to a 2-2 weekend. Still, they are sitting at 11-2 on the season and they finished the weekend strong, with double digit wins over Texas PRO and Albany City Rocks. With five more division games next week (including a final matchup against No. 1 Team Takeover), they have a good platform to display what they are capable of. They have their spot in the Peach Jam all but sewn up, but Session 4 will be a good barometer for this team's chances at a championship.

6. Each 1 Teach 1, Orlando, Fla.
After the top five, the parity starts to become more apparent. However, E1T1 seems to be the best of the rest. At 5-4 going into Dallas, E1T1 added Grayson Allen to their roster (plucking him from Southern Stampede) and proceeded to go 4-0 in convincing fashion. This solid weekend thrust them into the driver's seat for the Division D crown, going into the final weekend with a two-game lead over Mac Irvin Fire, The Travelers, All Ohio Red, and Howard Pulley. They can already boast victories over Travelers and Howard Pulley as well - by 33 and 28 points, respectively. This team is gaining momentum at just the right time.

7. Team Scan, Bronx, N.Y.
Every week there's one team that vaults into the power rankings. This week we have two. The first being E1T1, followed closely by Team Scan. Led by their frontcourt duo of Chris McCullough and Cheick Diallo, Team Scan left Dallas with three convincing wins. One of those was a big division victory over the once fearless Expressions Elite as well as a blowout over Albany City Rocks. They did stumble across the finish line with a loss to MOKAN Elite but it wasn't enough to fault their solid weekend in Dallas as well as their larger body of work.

8. BABC, Boston
Heading in the opposite direction of Team Scan is BABC, losing to Scan in the third game of the Dallas Session. BABC holds their fortunes in Bonzie Colson, who has cooled off a bit since the early sessions. Now they're hoping that Tyler Nelson can start to drop more three-pointers so they can score that much more. They have yet to break 70 points in a game this season.

9. Meanstreets, Chicago
Meanstreets went 2-2 in Dallas, which is a little disappointing. One loss – a two-point deficit to BABC – was relatively minor, but the other is much more worrisome – a 15-point blowout at the hands of MOKAN Elite. Still, the Meanstreets' backcourt of Tyler Ulis and Charles Matthews is one of the best in the EYBL. Ulis is one of the best three-point threats in the league and also finished his last two games in Dallas going 26-29 from the free throw line.

10. Boo Williams, Hampton, Va.
After a 5-0 showing at their hometown session, Boo faltered a bit going 1-3 in Dallas. They walked away with a 12-point win against the New York Lightning, but got beat handily in the opener by Team Penny and lost close affairs to NJ Playaz and Playground Elite. They have proven that they have the talent to compete with the top teams in the EYBL, riding the hot hands of Robert Johnson and Dwayne Foreman to a 9-4 record.

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