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The 2013 Peach Jam qualifiers

By D1 Circuit, 05/28/13, 2:15PM EDT


BABC, Team Final, Team Scan, Texas Titans are wild cards; Georgia Stars left out

The 24 Peach Jam-qualified teams

24-team Peach Jam field is now set, pools to come soon.

The Peach Jam field is now set, with the final four wild card bids being awarded to Team Final, BABC, Texas Titans and Team Scan.

Our prediction that the 10-8 Georgia Stars would be the odd team out, turned out to be true.

In Division A, California Supreme was able to grab the final automatic bid. They tied regular season records with the Alabama Challenge, but held the head-to-head tiebreaker, resulting in their automatic bid status. Supreme came into the weekend outside of the Division A top five, but climbed in thanks to a 3-2 weekend. Spiece Indy Heat wrapped up a 9-0 division record and will be headlining one of the four six-team pools.

In Division B, only two teams went into their final games knowing that they had locked up automatic bids – CP3 All Stars and New York Lightning. Joining them will be Team Penny and Boo Williams with 11-7 records. Team Texas Elite was the final automatic bid, due to holding head-to-head victories over the other 10-8 teams in their division, Georgia Stars and Texas Titans

In Division CTeam Takeover locked up the top slot in the Peach Jam, with Houston Hoops having the inside track on the second slot. Even with Takeover's forfeit Monday, they were able to lockdown the top Peach Jam slot. Expressions Elite also punched their automatic bid ticket prior to Monday's forfeit. 

Meanstreets and MOKAN Elite were the final two automatic bids. MOKAN Elite earned the final automatic bid due to holding the head-to-head tiebreakers over BABC and Team Final, both of which were selected as wild cards. Team Scan also earned a wildcard berth after finishing at 10-8.

It's worth noting that not only did MOKAN Elite start the weekend outside of the Division C top five, they also were projected outside of a wild card slot. Due to their strong weekend, they were able to pass multiple teams to grab an automatic bid.

In Division DE1T1Howard PulleyMac Irvin, and All Ohio had their bids wrapped up prior to Monday's games. Like Takeover, E1T1 forfeited their Monday game as it didn't affect their seeding at all. The Travelers locked in the final auto-bid from Division D with their win over CIA Bounce on Monday.

The final team that had a shot at a wild card berth was the Georgia Stars. Despite their 10-8 record (better than three automatic qualifiers), the Stars were left out of the 24-team field. The Titans were likely selected over the Stars by virtue of their head-to-head win over the them in Dallas and superior divisional record. Team Scan, another 10-8 team, played in the slightly harder division C, which likely aided their selection over the Georgia squad.

Although the pools have yet to be released, there is a strong likelihood that the four top seeded teams will be Team Takeover, Houston Hoops, Spiece Indy Heat and CP3 All Stars. 

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