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Alex Robinson Proves Elite Status

By Alec Kinsky, D1 Circuit, 08/26/13, 3:30PM EDT


Texas Titans Point Guard Flies Under The Radar

In the sports world, everything is ranked. Whether it be teams, players, conferences, colleges, fantasy players - it doesn't matter - it's probably ranked.

In the high school basketball world, recruitment rankings reign supreme. Rivals, ESPN, Scout, & 24/7 are the four dominant sources in today's recruiting world, all giving different opinions on the nation's top talent. While these rankings can be somewhat subjective, the combination of the four different rankings give the fans a general feel of what scouts and coaches think of a certain player.

As the rankings are updated, just like anyone else, I find myself with slight disagreements as I scroll through. We have made our grievances known about the snub of Bonzie Colson, whom we firmly believe to be a top 100 player in the country. This year, there is one more player that is ranked who we feel is underrated across the recruitment board.

That player is Texas Titans' point guard Alex Robinson. Here is where he checks in on the recruiting boards:

Scout - No. 41
Rivals - No. 71
24/7 - No. 73
ESPN - No. 89

Taking the combined average, Robinson checks in at 68.5/100. While it's evident his game has garnered attention, most highly by Evan Daniels and, his ranking doesn't scream "elite point guard." After his performances at the Peach Jam, it's almost impossible to consider him anything but elite.

During the most important tournament of the summer circuit, Robinson absolutely exploded on the court. In five Peach Jam games, the 6-foot-1 lefty floor-general averaged 14.0 points, 5.6 rebounds, 6.1 assists and 3.2 steals. Simply put, he looked like a completely different player.

Calm, cool and collected, Robinson was the Titans leader the entire season. He operated without backcourt teammate and top-recruit King McClure for the entire EYBL regular season. For 18 games, he shouldered all of the heavy lifting in the backcourt. His fatigue began to show during session four in Minneapolis, the last session of the EYBL regular season. When asked the difference between the EYBL and high school, Robinson sounded matter-of-fact.

"It's a lot faster. Every player is good. You gotta play both ends of the floor. You need to limit your mistakes and execute on offense."

After a month break and the return of his talented backcourt partner, Robinson was able to give us a glimpse of his potential. He pierced the lane at will and attacked the basket with a ferocity only matched by McClure. 

Against Malik Newman and the Jackson Tigers, Robinson had a career game; 23 points, 9 rebounds, 8 assists and 5 steals. The most impressive aspect of that game was the five steals. His pressure defense was on display literally every time a Tigers' guard crossed half court, turning the heads of countless fans watching on. His individual performances are tough to ignore, but Robinson is all about his team.

"It's harder because it's 17 and under this year. But, we have such a great bond. No matter how far we get down, we feel we can come back and win."

Robinson will look to take that mentality to one of his six final schools; Memphis, Texas A&M, Texas Christian, Pittsburgh, Vanderbilt and Florida State. He plans to take time with his final decision, hoping to continue his rise up the 2014 class during his senior year at Timberview High School. 

Let's hope the recruiting services take notice.

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