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Monk's Monster Performance

05/03/2014, 7:45pm EDT
By Jonah Steinmeyer, D1 Circuit

A closer look at Malik Monk's remarkable game in Sacramento

Malik Monk shocked Sacramento and the Twitter-sphere alike when he went off for 59 points last Saturday morning against All Ohio Red.

Monk's performance was both jaw-dropping and potentially record-breaking. The Arkansas Wings' shooting guard now holds the highest EYBL single-game scoring output in the last three years, which was previously held by Duane Wilson Jr. of Playground Elite, when he went off for 43 points in 2012.

Let's take a look at just how Monk piled up the points:

Photo Credit: GameChanger

Any scouting report on Monk would undoubtedly mention three things: Elite athleticism, physical and mental maturity, and a great perimeter jump shot. And all three of those were on full-display against All Ohio Red.

Monk did the bulk of his damage from three-point territory, going 10 of 18 from the field. Almost all of his makes and attempts, for that matter, were towards the top of the key, that being because he's the primary ball-handler for Arkansas Wings. Needless to say you'll rarely see him tucked into the corners on any trip down the court. The rest of Monk's field goal attempts came right inside the lane at the rim. Monk understands that the best way to throw off a defense is to penetrate right into its gut and attack its interior defenders. That's exactly what Monk was able to do, utilizing his quickness to get around the perimeter defenders right to the rack, where he showed great body composure to finish his shots. The other benefit of attacking the middle is that it forces the defense to collapse to that spot almost haphazrdly as a last line of defense. Once bodies converge in the paint like that, contact is inevitable, and Monk did a superb job at drawing the fouls and getting to the charity stripe, where he converted an absurd 19 of his 23 attempts.

A few more numbers to consider when analyzing Monk's big game, one of which is True Shooting Percentage, or TS%. TS% takes into account a player's shooting efficiency by measuring all types of shot (2-point and 3-point field goals as well as free throws). Using the formula from, Monk's TS% was at 79 percent, which ranks highest among all individual EYBL performances in the past three years. Another stat is Effective Field Goal Percentage (eFG%), which takes into account that 3-point field goals are worth more points than just a 2-point field goal. Monk posted a eFG% of jaw-dropping 74 percent. Finally, Usage Rate measures just how much a player is involved in the offense in terms of being the focal point from ball-handling to shooting. The average star in the NBA sees about a 25 percent usage rate or even less, meaning he makes up for 25 percent of the team's plays on offense. Well, in Monk's case, he posted a gaudy usage rate of over 42 percent, meaning he produced almost half of the team's total offense last Saturday morning.

Monk's performance certainly wasn't a fluke. It had some donning him the best guard in the country, regardless of class. And if he continues to put up statistics like the ones we saw in his big breakout game, there may be little denying his new claim to fame.

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