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1-on-1: Howard Pulley C Brock Bertram

By Alec Kinsky, D1 Circuit, 05/06/14, 1:30AM EDT


6-foot-11 sophomore talks about his exciting spring

After spending his sophomore year running alongside the best point guard in the nation, Brock Bertram shifts to play for another supremely talented team. The big man from Apple Valley High School sounded very excited about the opportunity to showcase his skills in the EYBL, and he had a very productive opening session. In two games, Bertram averaged 7.5 points and 4.0 rebounds per game. The big man will have a bit of an adjustment period playing as an underclassmen. He spoke to us about the rigors of playing in the EYBL:

Alec Kinsky:  What excites you most about playing in the EYBL?

Brock Bertram:  Being able to play against the top players and the top teams in the nation. It's obviously the best league in and I would to showcase my talents in the best league.

AK:  What aspects of your game are you looking to improve in the EYBL?

BB:  I really want to improve my speed, strength, and footwork. I have been working really hard on making my game more multi-dimensional.

AK:  At one point did you realize basketball was more than a hobby, and you could use it to help you get through college?

BB:  I've always have had love for the game! But I really started to realize it can be more then a hobby when I started to get letters andwhen I got my first offer I realized what an opportunity I had for my future.

AK:  How familiar are you with your teammates? Have you been able to put in much work with the DLS & Cretin guys?

BB:  I've played with Amir Coffey for a couple years now for AAU. But I'm pretty familiar with all my teammates, I've played against and with all of them for a couple of years now. We all have really good relationships with each other and a good chemistry.

AK:  Which player are you most looking forward to match up against?

BB:  Definitely just want to play against the top bigs in the nation for my grade as well as the class of 2015.

AK:  Obviously the best player you've played with is Tyus. Who is the best player you've ever played against?

BB:  Jahlil Okafor. Easy. They came down here to play us at Apple Valley in the high school season.

AK:  Which schools are coming after you the hardest right now?

BB:  I have one offer from Texas Tech. But I've been hearing the most from Kansas, Wisconsin, Florida State, Creighton, Northwestern, Texas, Colorado and California.

AK:  Which teammate do you expect to have the biggest rise/breakout on your team during the EYBL season?

BB:  I really think Alex Illikainen will have a really good breakout season. But really I have great teammates that all play at high levels and It should be a really good season for all of us.

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