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1-on-1: Team CP3 PG Terrence Phillips

By Alec Kinsky, D1 Circuit, 06/04/14, 3:45PM EDT


CP3's floor general has high expectations for July

It took an undefeated final session to get the job done, but Team CP3 has earned themselves a trip to the Peach Jam via the play-in game versus The Family.

Dealing with a rash of injuries throughout the year, CP3 depended on their floor-general Terrence Phillips to lead them to the EYBL Finals. D1's Alec Kinsky recently caught up with the underrated Oak Hill point guard, hitting on a variety of topics inclding Phillips' future and his outlook on Peach Jam.


Alec Kinsky: You fellas are coming off a much-needed win (which qualified them for Peach Jam). What are your thoughts on the roller-coaster season?

Terrence Phillips: We finished as a team, we started as a team and finished as a team. That's how good teams win, you gotta finish together and play together.

AK: Was it nerve-racking having to way to find out about your Peach Jam status?

TP: Yeah it was. I thought for sure we were going to get in finishing 8-8 and going 4-0 during the last session.

AK: Knowing it's do-or-die, how do you feel about the play-in game vs. The Family?

TP: Well, since we finished really well, I feel good going in. Especially with our guys coming back fully healthy, like Harry (Giles). Knowing it's do-or-die is just going to make me go 100 times harder than I already do, because I want it so bad.

AK: This will be one of the biggest stages you've ever played on - especially in the play-in game. Does Oak Hill help you prepare for environments like you'll face at Peach Jam?

TP: Yeah, I've played on national TV five times, against some big name teams. I've played in the garden against the number one team in the country. I've been in tough spots before, so there isn't anything that I'll face at Peach Jam that I haven't already been through before with Oak Hill.

AK: How did you and your teammates have to adjust without playing with Harry?

TP: Everybody had to step up. For instance, Harry got 10 rebounds in his first game back. So it might be a rebounder, where I have to get five (rebounds) and someone else has to get five. Basically, everyone has to step up a little bit with someone being down. And I feel ilke we did that.

AK: Anything you've been working on specifically during the EYBL?

TP: There's not a lot of true point guards in my class I don't think, there's a lot of scorers. So I'm trying to show everyone what a true point guard looks like and trying to help CP3 win throughout this circuit.

AK: Goals and aspirations heading into your senior season? 

TP:  Going into this senior season, I've been there (Oak Hill) for two years. We fell short twice in the Dicks Invitational, so I'm just trying to get a ring my senior year. Guys coming in, I'm just trying to let them know what we have planned, what we are about, and what we need to get done this year.

AK: Any outlook on your college decision? Any schools sticking out?

TP: Hopefully I'll make my decision in October before the season stars. I really want to take the pressure off. Auburn is back on my list now. They called a couple weeks ago. Georgia is still there, I'm just waiting to see what they're going to do as far as an offer. Same with St. Joseph's too.

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