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1-on-1: BABC G Terance Mann

By Alec Kinsky, D1 Circuit, 06/16/14, 5:15PM EDT


Boston's finest gives his take on his second EYBL season

Once again, Boston Amateur Basketball Club has qualified for the illustrious Peach Jam, riding EYBL veterans to a 9-7 regular season record.

Terance Mann has emerged as their most complete player, averaging 10.9 points, 6.9 rebounds, 2.6 assists and 1.1 steals through 16 games. He wreaks havoc on the defensive end, utilizing length and athleticism to lock down the opposing team's top swingman.

Alec Kinsky had the opportunity to sit down with the BABC star, talking EYBL experience, his most impressive teammate, upcoming Peach Jam and more:


Alec Kinsky: Has your second year in the EYBL been any different? Did a year of experience help your second go-round?

Terance Mann: It definitely helped. I knew (going into it) how hard and crazy this league can be.

AK: What would you say is the main difference between high school and EYBL?

TM: Definitely the depth on every team's bench. Each kid on each team comes from being a star on their own high school team.

AK: Have you been focusing on improving any individual aspects of your game heading into Peach Jam?

TM: My jumpshot and finishing with my left. Also finishing with contact.

AK: Game in and game out, what would you say is the most consistent part of your game?

TM: Making reads off the pick and roll. If I use the pick and there's a switch, I use that to my advantage or sometimes reject it and drive hard or find my teammates. That's my favorite part of the game.

AK: Speaking of teammates, which BABC teammate would you say has improved or impressed you the most?

TM: Jeremy Miller. He's really improved his jumpshot and has become a lot more impressive, especially in the low post area.

AK: How is preparation going for the Peach Jam? You fellas still getting a lot of run in together?

TM: We play every weekend. During the week days, half of us work out together. We are really close.

AK: Any team you're looking forward to matching up with?

TM: Team SCAN. We need revenge.

AK: How's recruitment going so far? Anyone on the top of your list?

TM: Nothing new (after the regular season). No one is currently at the top of my list, I'll probably make my decision mid-fall. I'll have visits in August, but haven't scheduled any yet.

AK: What would you say is the biggest deciding factor? Academics? Playing time? Coach?

TM: All of the above.

AK: Explain your EYBL experience in one word:

TM: Erratic. In a good way (laughs).

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