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Q&A: Veteran guard Dainan Swoope continues to lead MOKAN

By Nate Bucsko, 04/08/15, 11:15AM EDT


Last season, Dainan Swoope was one of the bigger surprises to run on the circuit. He led his MOKAN Elite to a competitive Peach Jam run and returns for his second year of eligibility with momentum from a strong junior season at Sunrise Christian (KS). He has a talented squad around him that features some very talented underclassmen. D1's Nate Buscko caught up with Swoope yesterday, check out the interview below.

The Interview:

Nate Bucsko: What made you decide to play in the EYBL?

Dainan Swoope: MOKAN, the team I had grown up playing with got the Nike contract to be in it before I was 17U and the EYBL is the best place to get recruited in my opinion.

NB: What are your expectations for the 2015 EYBL?

DS: For myself, just to shoot it well every game and to be consistent and for the team to qualify for Peach Jam.

NB: What part of your game do you wish to improve in the EYBL?

DS: I want to improve my handling of the ball and get my shooting percentage up.

NB: Is there a certain player you are looking forward to going up against in the 2015 EYBL?

DS: There's way too many; I'm excited to play Malik Monk for sure.

NB: What's the biggest asset you bring to your EYBL team?

DS: Being the team leader and getting us all on the same page. Also, just knocking down shots.

NB: Do you model your game after a certain player/playing style?

DS: I love watching Stephen Curry play the game. I'm trying to get my game to be like his in a lot of ways.

NB: What's the most helpful thing a coach has ever told you?

DS: That every game is to expose or get exposed, don't try to do too much just do what you do to the best of your ability.

NB: Who is your biggest influence both on and off the court?

DS: On the court it's got to be my step-dad and off the court my mom and best friend Nick.

NB: What advice do you have to youngsters who strive to play at this level?

DS: To work on every part of your game every day and when it gets hard to keep fighting just to know that good will come soon.

NB: When did you realize basketball was going to be an avenue of success for you?

DS: My sophomore year when my high school team won state and my MOKAN team lost a few games I had started getting college interest and I knew it could do huge things for me.

Beyond the Game:

NB: What's your favorite pre-game meal?

DS: Chicken Alfredo and Skittles (haha).

NB: What's your favorite thing to do outside of playing basketball?

DS: Collecting sports cards, NFL, NBA, MLB.

NB: What makes a good teammate?

DS: Someone that is highly skilled of course but who will also listen and work with you through all situations.

NB: Besides basketball, what career field do you see yourself in?

DS: I want to find myself as a lawyer or an accountant.