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Q&A: Miles Bridges Makes it Simple 'I Just Wanna Win Peach Jam"

By Alec Kinsky, D1 Circuit, 04/07/15, 9:45PM EDT


It’s common knowledge that Miles Bridges is one of the best players in the nation. The 6-foot-7 junior from Huntington Prep is blessed with tremendous athleticism and physical strength, and he kept getting better and better as the high school season went on. He was a double-double threat in the 2014 EYBL, and this year he plans on playing exclusively in the backcourt. Bridges discusses his thoughts on his backcourt transition, as well as several other topics below.

The Interview:

Alec Kinsky: Your junior season at Huntington Prep just ended. What part of your game do you think you improved the most?

Miles Bridges: I feel like I improved my overall, all-around floor game. Especially my transition into being a guard.

AK: Has the transition to the backcourt come pretty naturally?

MB: Yeah, I’m really comfortable with the ball now, mainly because I had to handle the ball a lot this year.

AK: How much more comfortable are you heading into the EYBL season knowing that you have this addition to your game? Gotta think you will be able to completely control the game with your size and athleticism.

MB: Yeah, I’m going to be very comfortable after my play this year and last.  My teammates nnd I have great chemistry.

AK: How excited are you to run with Cassius Winston and Brian Bowen?

MB: Very excited, because Cassius knows my game and he likes to pass, so I’ll be getting open looks all the time. And Bowen, he’s just at athletic as me. We’ll have fun throwing lobs out in transition. It should be fun.

AK: You guys take pride in representing Michigan?

MB: Yeah, we do. Because the whole state of Michigan is washing us to see how we do. We definitely can’t let them know.

AK: What do you take pride in most on the floor?

MB: Defense and rebounding. If you play defense and rebound, your offensive game will come to you.

AK: You’re widely regarded as one of the best rebounders regardless of class or position. What’s your key to success on the boards?

MB: Just being aggressive. And I’m usually the first to get to the rim.

AK: Who would you say is the biggest influence for you, both on and off the court?

MB: My mom. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be the man I am right now. Also would say my mentor Jeff Grayer. He taught me how to play on the court and handle stuff off the court. He’s always on me making sure I don’t mess up. He’s a big influence.

AK: This one is a bit open-ended. What’s a day like in the life of Miles Bridges? Can imagine you are busy.

MB: When I’m home, I work out two times a day, morning and night. Then I get in the hot tub and cold tub. I make sure to spend a little time with my family, but that’s really about it.
AK: How old were you when you realize basketball would be an avenue of success for you?

MB: When I was in 8th grade, because I started to get more advanced than the other kids in my age group.

AK: What could you see yourself doing for a living if basketball wasn’t in the picture?

MB: Sports broadcasting or coaching.

AK: Any specific goals for the 2015 EYBL?

MB: I just wanna win Peach Jam.