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Q&A: Jordan Ford puts Oakland Soldiers on his back

By Nate Bucsko, 04/13/15, 11:00AM EDT


Nate Bucsko: How did your high school season go?

Jordan Ford: It went good, we won our section and then played in the Open Division playoffs. Unofrtunately we ended up losing to Bishop O'Dowd, who is a great team.

NB: What is the one skill or aspect of your game that you want coaches, recruiting analysts, etc. to take away from this EYBL season? Just to know you can do it and do it well?

JF: My playmaking ability. Just my ability to see plays and create for my teammates. Also my scoring has improved so I want that to come out as well.

NB: What's the main aspect of your game you hope to work on in the EYBL?

JF: My defense, my ability to move my feet. The guys you go up against in the EYBL are super-athletic and quick, so I need to prove myself physically against them.

NB: What team goals do you have for the EYBL?

JF: Making and winning Peach Jam. Some of that falls on me, because I need to get everyone clicking at the right times. I think if we can get everybody clicking, we can win Peach Jam.

NB: How has playing in the EYBL helped your game the most?

JF: It has definitely helped my confidence and my feel for the game. Once I get back into the high school season, it lets me slow everything down. You're playing against so much length and athleticism in the EYBL so the pace of the game is way faster. If you can play in the EYBL, you can play against anyone.

NB: When did you first realize that you had the ability/potential to get to this level?

JF: I would say after my breakout season sophomore year. I had always worked hard before that and had a goal of playing at this level, but after that season I was kind of on people's radar and had an opportunity to play at this level.

NB: How would your teammates describe you?

JF: Playmaker, leader, good shooter, fun to be around off the court, good asset to the team.

NB: Which NBA player would you compare yourself or your game to?

JF: I would say Stephen Curry. I obviously don't have the quick release that he does, but I take pride in my shooting. People kind of say I look like him so I have heard some comparisons.

NB: When you're not on the court or working on your game in some capacity, what are you doing?

JF: I am hanging out with friends, playing video games, and studying for exams. Basically just chilling outside of that.

NB: Who is your biggest fan?

JF: My sister  and my parents. My sister has always been a huge supporter for me.

NB: You have your whole day free and can plan whatever you want. What does that look like for you?

JF: I would wake up at 10, do a basketball workout for two hours, then hit the weight room for about an hour. After that I would go to Jamba Juice with some friends, then later maybe relax in the hot tub and just kick it. 

The importance of a dependable floor general on the EYBL Circuit cannot be overstated. Oakland Soldiers point guard Jordan Ford knows this as well as anyone, and he is ready to lead his team through a physical EYBL season into Peach Jam. A Stephen Curry lookalike, Ford has the same great instincts and knack for hitting clutch shots. Nate Bucsko had the chance to speak with Ford about his goals for the EYBL, his path to this level, and more.

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