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EYBL vet Bruce Brown working towards run at Peach Jam Title

By Nate Bucsko, 04/14/15, 1:00PM EDT


Few players in the 2015 EYBL will know as much about playing in the league as BABC guard Bruce Brown. The third-year circuit vet started this season looking to climb the rankings for his class before his final season of high school ball. A physical, versatile wing, Brown has one last shot at winning Peach Jam and he is going to make the most of it. Nate Bucsko spoke with Brown about his goals for his final year in the league.

Nate Bucsko: What made you decide to play in the EYBL?

Bruce Brown: It was the best high school AAU league and I also wanted to get exposure.

NB: What are your expectations for the EYBL on a personal and team level?

BB: Personally, I just want to show people I've gotten better and stronger. For the team, I want to make it to Peach Jam and hopefully win it.

NB: How do you think already having played in the EYBL will help you this year on the circuit?

BB: This will be my third year playing in the league so I'll be used to the competition.

NB: Which part of your game do you most hope to improve in the EYBL?

BB: Mainly my jump shot.

NB: What's the biggest asset that you'll bring to your squad that could help them get over the top?

BB: My scoring, rebounding and defending. Just playing on both sides of the court.

NB: Do you model your game after a certain player or style?

BB: Russell Westbrook. I try to model his overall game.

NB: What's your biggest pet peeve on the court?

BB: Letting the other team get wide-open dunks.