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Troy Brown is ready for his moment

By Nate Bucsko, 04/20/15, 5:15PM EDT


Troy Brown enters the summer as one of the best guard prospects in the class of 2017, and he is ready to shine on the 2015 EYBL Circuit. He has been working nonstop on his game since the high school season ended. Nate Bucsko had a chance to speak with Brown about his training, goals for the 2015 circuit, and life outside of basketball.

Nate Bucsko:  How did your high school season go?

Troy Brown: Our season went pretty decent this year. I thought we could have done better but overall it was a good season.

NB: What are your biggest strengths as a player? What sets you apart from other point guard prospects?

TB: I'm able to handle the ball at such a tall height and cause mismatches on the court because of my versatility and being able to rebound and push the ball up the court.

NB: What elements of your game do you hope to work on most this spring/summer on the circuit?

TB: I hope to work on my jump shot and get stronger.

NB: Is there a certain college or NBA player who you model your game after?

TB: I try to develop my game as more like a Penny Hardaway, Michael Carter Williams, and Magic Johnson type of player.

NB: What pushes you to become a better player, athlete and person every day?

TB: What motivates me is the fact I have been blessed with the opportunity to do something with the talents that god has given me and knowing that one-day I can make it to the NBA and take care of my family.

AK: How did the first EYBL session treat you?

TB: The first game we played hard, just trying to get used to the game. We ended up losing to a team I feel we should have beat. We just have to make some adjustments, play a little bit harder and get adjusted to the height differential.

AK: What were the biggest aspects that stuck out to you?

TB: There's no such thing as a bad team. Teams are loaded and they have players that are going to be in the NBA, and D1 players. You have to be ready for every game. Mentally prepare yourself to come out every game.

AK: Are you bonding over the fact that you're so young?

TB: I like the fact that we're young. It kind of gives us an edge, especially since older players think they can bully us and stuff like that. We came out and proved we can play hard against every team no matter the age.

AK: Any goals for the rest of the season? Individual and team.

TB: I want to go 4-0 in one session. That's one team goal I really want, I feel like we should have done that this week. And I guess I'll say 10 assists in one game individual.

AK: Any teammates that are impressing you?

TB: All of my teammates have done great. Markus did great until he got hurt. Charles has been great, he's scoring the basketball really well, he's good at getting it to the rack. O'Shae surprised me a lot. He came out, played hard, rebounded. He's very athletic, I didn't really know his athletic talents until I started seeing him rebounding the basketball.

AK: Talk about playing in front of the coaches. Is it pretty crazy playing in this environment?

TB: I'm kind of used to it now (laughs). Last year at Under Armour they came out just the same. I've been going to events for a while so I guess I've kind of adjusted. 

NB: Describe your relationship with your high school teammates/coaches, and how they have helped you to get to where you are today.

TB: My high school coach (Todd Allen) and I have a great connection on and off the court! He has helped me grow as a player because of the responsibility he puts on me at such a young age has help build me into a leader.

NB: Who is your biggest influence both on the court and in life?

TB: My dad is my biggest influence on and off the court.

NB: What are some of your other personal hobbies/interests for when you are not busy with ball?

TB: One other thing I like to do besides playing basketball is I like to draw.

NB: When did you realize basketball was your passion and wanted to follow it to wherever it takes you?

TB: I realized basketball was my passion when I was about 5 years old. When I started to play I had so much fun with the game and it never bored me because there's always something new to learn and you can never truly perfect the game of basketball there is always something you can work on or get better at.

NB: What are some strength/training workouts you will be doing this summer to prepare for next year/beyond?

TB: Well I will be doing a lot weight training and ball handling drill and shooting workouts to increase my range of shooting.

NB: As far as recruitment, what types of qualities will you be looking for from the different programs?

TB: I will be looking at the overall quality of the school. From its culture and history to its program and coaching. How they develop kids as players and young men , and the academic side of the school too.

NB:  It's 10 years from now, in 2025. If you are not playing basketball, what do you see yourself doing?

TB: I will be a broadcaster for ESPN or a physical therapist for a NBA team.