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Bryce Barnes coming up big for the Mac Irvin Fire

By Alec Kinsky, D1 Circuit, 05/19/15, 12:15PM CDT


Having a reliable "glue guy" is highly valuable for any squad.

Bryce Barnes is that guy for the Mac Irvin Fire, and he's bought into every bit of his role.

Barnes, who stars for the Bogan Bengals in the Chicago Public School conference, prides himself on his defense as well as being a pure point guard. His defense is eye-opening to the casual observer. He gets into his opponent's chest and doesn't give them an inch to breathe.

The 5-foot-11 speedster sat down with D1's Alec Kinsky at EYBL Houston, touching on a variety of subjects. The full interview is below.

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The Interview: Mac Irvin Fire Guard Bryce Barnes

Alec Kinsky: Take us through your EYBL experience in Houston?

Bryce Barnes: The game against the Soldiers was a huge rivalry.  My high school teammate Luwane Pipkins pumped me up for this game the whole season. We started off on fire, I got a few quick buckets at the beginning on the fast break. Our intensity was high, if we play like that no one can stop us.

Alec Kinsky: Speaking of Luwane, what did he tell you about the EYBL? Did he tell you what to expect?

Bryce Barnes: He warned me that coaches are always watching. Just always watch what I do and play my hardest. And stay on my defense, because that’s what we’re known for, on-ball guards.

Alec Kinsky: What is the strongest aspect of your game right now?

Bryce Barnes: My defense. And being a pure point guard, finding my teammates.

Alec Kinsky: What’s the team chemistry right? I know it’s a bunch of Chicago guys.

Bryce Barnes: My first AAU team was the Fire. We all started off together in 5th grade. I left the team and came back, so it’s fun to get back with the guys and finish off our AAU careers strong.

Alec Kinsky: Does that chemistry make it easier?

Bryce Barnes: Definitely. On and off the court, we’re always good.

Alec Kinsky: Anything you’re looking to improve specifically?

Bryce Barnes: Definitely my jumpshot behing the arc.

Alec Kinsky: Do you have any goals for the rest of the summer?

Bryce Barnes: I want to improve by playing against the best guys in the EYBL. And also, I want to get a lot of coaches come back to Chicago to watch me and my team.

Alec Kinsky: Moving into your senior year at Bogan, you have any goals for high school?

Bryce Barnes: I want to make it down-state, I haven’t gotten there yet. We got very close last year and lost to Morgan Park, so that’s my goal.

Alec Kinsky: What’s the biggest change of playing in the EYBL versus high school?

Bryce Barnes: In Chicago, you know who’s who.  You know who the best players are. Here , they all are good. So you have to come out and play hard every game.

Alec Kinsky: Any update in recruitment?

Bryce Barnes: I have interest from Robert Morris, Saint Louis, Kent State, Indiana State, Loyola Chicago.

Alec Kinsky: When you’re making the college decision, what’s the most important factor in that decision?

Bryce Barnes: I’m looking for academics first. Whichever school is best for my major, as well as the coach believing me. I also want to make an impact my freshman year. All of those things are important to me.

Alec Kinsky: You mentioned your major, what do you want to study?

Bryce Barnes: I want to get into sports marketing. Business and marketing or sports management. Something like that.

Alec Kinsky: Any of your teammates stand out to you so far?

Bryce Barnes: Charlie Moore and Zach Norvell. I already know they could play, but they are showing me even more playing on the same team.