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BABC veteran Bruce Brown has never been better

By Alec Kinsky, D1 Circuit, 05/20/15, 3:45PM EDT


Bruce Brown knows a thing or two about playing in the EYBL.  

Three years ago, he averaged two minute a game.

Today, he's one of the best backcourt players in the nation.

Blessed with good size, athleticism and an extremely-high basketball IQ, BABC's floor general has taken his game to another level. Boston's finest is coming off a 4-0 performance at EYBL Houston, due in large part to production from their star.

Alec Kinsky caught up with Brown after the session, catching up with him about his 2015 EYBL season, what he's looking to improve as well as an update on his recruitment. Check out the full interview below:

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Alec Kinsky: Take us through EYBL Houston so far. You think you fellas use the most amount of energy of any team on defense?

Bruce Brown: Oh man, the press kills us. The press is really hard. Just going 100% every game in that press, your legs wear out.

Alec Kinsky: What types of press are you guys employing?

Bruce Brown: We go 1-2-2 and 2-2-1. Basically, we try to take away middle, speed them up a bit and cause turnovers.

Alec Kinsky: Is that a big difference from how you play defense in high school?

Bruce Brown: Yeah, I’m pretty used to the BABC way. But high school we play man-to-man though.

Alec Kinsky: Which teammates have stood out to you so far?

Bruce Brown: Kevin Marfo. Robert Martin is stepping up. Patrick Fisher, and also Arkel (Ager-Lamar), who we just added.

Alec Kinsky: How has the addition of Arkel gone?

Bruce Brown: We needed another scorer on the team. He’s shooting the ball well. He’s a big help.

Alec Kinsky: What can you remember about your previous EYBL experience? Not many guys are three-year vets.

Bruce Brown: My first year, I averaged about two minutes a game. The game has actually slowed down a lot for me. At Peach Jam, the first year we went 0-5. Last year, we could have made it out of pool. This year we’re looking to make it out of pool play and hopefully win it.

Alec Kinsky: Outside of Peach Jam goals, do you have any personal goals?

Bruce Brown: Develop my game and get better. Develop my shot and become more of a point guard, for sure.

Alec Kinsky: What do you do best right now?

Bruce Brown: Getting my teammates involved.

Alec Kinsky: Talk about recruiting a bit, you have to be a hot commodity. You been hearing from a lot of schools?

Bruce Brown: Texas, Arizona, UCLA, Indiana. Bunch of big name schools.

Alec Kinsky: Are there any noticeable differences in how they recruit you?

Bruce Brown: Some tell me that I’m their top priority. Some tell me they want me to back up their guards. They’re up front with me.

Alec Kinsky: What’s most important to you when deciding?

Bruce Brown: Right now, playing time. I want to go somewhere I can play right away.

Alec Kinsky: Any goals for your senior year? Any idea when you’re going to commit?

Bruce Brown: To win a championship, because we lost to Tilton This year. And I don’t know when I’m going to commit, no timetable yet.