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PJ Washington right at home with Team Penny

By Alec Kinsky, D1 Circuit, 05/21/15, 3:30PM EDT


PJ Washington started the season and he quickly realized something was missing.

Cue his return to Team Penny, the team he helped lead to the Peach Jam Championship last year and also the team he was expected to take over leadership of in 2015.

The last eight games have been highly productive for the Findlay Prep sophomore both individually and for the team. Team Penny sits at 7-5 heading into the regular season session.

Alec Kinsky caught up with Washington in Houston, checking in on recruitment, his decision to return to Team Penny and what he's currently focused on. Check out the full interview below:

Recent News:

Alec Kinsky:  How has the EYBL been treating you so far? The addition of Dennis Smith has to be huge.

PJ Washington: With Dennis, we feel like we’re a lot better. We can spread the floor, attack and get easy layups.

Alec Kinsky: Talk about your return to Team Penny, is that something you immediately knew you wanted after the first weekend?

PJ Washington:  Yeah, after the first sessions I realized I should have never left Team Penny. It was the best thing for me, and I feel like I’m going to be back next year too.

Alec Kinsky: How has it been learning under the tutelage of Penny and his assistants?

PJ Washington:  It’s been great. All of our coaches played somewhere overseas or in the league. They teach you everything, we know the ins and outs of basketball with them.

Alec Kinsky: How has the transition been out of state to Findlay Prep?

PJ Washington: It’s hard, man. You really have to grow up. I feel like I did. I’ll be there my next two years and feel like we’re going to win a championship next year.

Alec Kinsky: How tough is the travel?

PJ Washington: It’s really tough. You have to get used to the time zone differences for sure.

Alec Kinsky: What do you do best on the floor right now? What are you working on?

PJ Washington: My mid-range and my postgame. I want to improve my outside shot and my free throw shooting.

Alec Kinsky: Can you give us an update on recruitment?

PJ Washington: Oklahoma is hitting me up the strongest. Texas is hard after me too.

Alec Kinsky: When you’re picking a school, what do you need it to have?

PJ Washington: A great coach, and it needs to be a winning program.