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INTERVIEW: 1-on-1 With Rotary Guard And Washington Commit Daejon Davis

By Ryan Lommen, D1 Circuit, 04/13/16, 12:00AM PDT


Seattle Rotary has a long tradition of winning.

In 2016, Daejon Davis plans to do a lot of it.

After an up and down season in 2015, Davis will lead a Rotary team that has talent from top to bottom. We are projected Rotary to have their best season on the circuit to date, and the Garfield High school product will be a key cog in their system.

Ryan Lommen caught up with Davis to chat about following Brandon Roy, winning, and Washington.

1-on-1 With Rotary Guard Daejon Davis

Photo credit: Courtside Films

Ryan Lommen: What’s your mindset going into year 2 of EYBL?
Daejon Davis: Focus more on winning games, especially ones that could have put us into contention and not as much focus on stats.
RL: What is it like following in the footsteps of Brandon Roy,
Tony Wroten and Will Conroy while playing at Garfield?
Davis: It's an honor.  Most teams don’t have that pleasure.  Gives me an opportunity to prove that I can be on that list someday.
RL: Who is your most talented teammate going into the EYBL season?
Davis: Jaylen Nowell because he can score the ball whenever and is a much better defender.  Also, he’s a returner so were going to try point the guys in the right direction.  We have talented guards, Khalil Shabazz, Terrell Brown, Phil Fuller, CJ Elleby, Kevin Porter. That's a group. We're going to be a really good team going into this year. Although we're a little undersized, we have a lot of heart and that helps when attacking the boards.
RL: What is your relationship like with Lorenzo Romar? 
Davis: Coach Romar has always been there for me and that hasn’t changed much since i committed.  Living 10 minutes from UW has definitely helped our relationship. From working out with Wroten and a bunch of guys at UW, he was always around me and he’s been a huge supporter throughout my career.
RL: What is it like representing the state of Washington on the national level while playing for Rotary in the EYBL?
Davis: Jaylen Nowell and I are looking to do something no one has ever done from Garfield and that's be McDAA and not many from Washington have either. We have literally watched guys from Washington in years past not getting enough attention/ respect anywhere so we take that to heart but don’t take it too personally. 
RL: What’s one thing you need to improve on the most this summer?
Davis: Working on my jump shot and my pull up.  Working on those a lot and hoping to showcase them both this summer.  I also want to be able to energize myself more and same goes for my team, move into more of a leadership role. I’ve always been the younger guy on my team so playing with guys my age is going to allow me to actually lead.
RL: What’s the team chemistry like going into the EYBL season?
Davis: I’ve been playing with a lot of these guys my entire life so i think our chemistry is going really well for a team that has never completely played together.
RL: Who would I catch you listening to before a game?
Davis: Future, Hendrix, Thugger, Mozzi before a game and then if we get the W I would be listening to Bryson Tiller in the hotel to get me in my feelings a little.  

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