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INTERVIEW: 1-on-1 With Expressions Point Guard Tremont Waters

By Alec Kinsky, D1 Circuit, 04/15/16, 11:00AM EDT


One thing is certain after speaking to Expressions Elite floor general Tremont Waters.

He gets it.

Blessed with a tremendous head on his shoulders, Waters complements his mindset with elite skills on the court. For Waters, the opportunity in front of him is too huge to waste. The junior guard loves basketball, but he's smart enough to know that his future in the sport will be very business oriented - so he has started treating it that way immediately.

1-on-1 With Expressions Playmaker Tremont Waters


Alec Kinsky: How excited are you for the EYBL to start?

Tremont Waters: I’m very excited to be back on the EYBL circuit. I can’t wait to see what the spring and summer has in store for me team and me. The stage couldn’t be any bigger for me to showcase my talents, and I’m trying to win a championship. I am ready!

AK: What do you do best on the court right now?

Waters: What do I do best… I facilitate, run my team, and make life easier for my teammates and coaches. I’m a floor general and I control the speed of the game. I can score when needed and make the right plays. My jump shot and handle is smooth, too.

AK: If you could steal a trait from anyone’s game, who would it be?

Waters: Anyone on Earth? I’d have to say LeBron’s athleticism.

AK: When did you realize basketball was going to be a big part of your life?

Waters: I never really looked at basketball like that until about eighth grade. I started playing competitively at age 5 and from there I just continued to grow and get better with the help of my father. It’s just something I’ve always loved to do. Now I realize there’s more to it than just the love of the game… It’s a business, so you have to approach it like one or it’ll eat you alive.

Photo credit: Team Waters

AK: What will ultimately make basketball a success for you?

Waters: Being able to attend the university of my choice and receive a top-notch education while playing basketball for that university. After college, play in the NBA and provide for my parents and loved ones. Then live a happy life, comfortable a stress-free with my lovely wife, and kids hopefully.

AK: What’s your biggest achievement in hoops so far?

Waters: Scoring 1,000 points as a sophomore while attending a NEPSAC AAA Prep School, while playing against kids like Devonte Graham and Tyler Lydon.

AK: Toughest player you’ve gone against?

Waters: Devonte Graham.

AK: What do you want to study?

Waters: Finance or money management of some sort.

AK: You handle yourself well on social media. That something you’re always cognizant of?

Waters: Yes I am. That’s why I don’t post anything and everything. That’s not me as a person. I like to do the right things so I don’t have to worry.

AK: Favorite sport other than basketball?

Waters: I used to play football when I was younger, so football.

AK: What will make this season a success for you?

Waters: Winning the EYBL championship and figuring out what college I’ll be attending.

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