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INTERVIEW: 1-on-1 With LV Prospects Star Charles O'Bannon, Jr.

By Alec Kinsky, D1 Circuit, 04/15/16, 11:15AM PDT


Charles O'Bannon Jr. will enter his second year in the EYBL tomorrow, and the Bishop Gorman (Nevada) star means business.

Leading the Las Vegas Prospects in 2015 - the youngest team to ever participate on the circuit - O'Bannon found success as an underclassmen in the EYBL. The Prospects finished 11-6, but O'Bannon is not satisfied. As a rising senior, he knows its now or never for his Prospects program.

We caught up with the junior do-it-all guard, asking him about his most recent State Championship, his thoughts on the EYBL and his quest for domination.

1-on-1 With LV Prospects Star Charles O'Bannon, Jr.

Photo credit: Pops Media


Alec Kinsky: Explain how it feels to be a state title winner this year. Do you feel like you're evolving as a player?

O'Bannon, Jr.: Feels amazing. Been working all season for it. It's our biggest goal every season and to have three is awesome but I won't be satisfied until I have four.

AK: How are you approaching this EYBL season compared to last?

O'Bannon, Jr.: Last year I came into the EYBL to see what it was like. Was curious to see what the hype was about. And this year I am coming to dominate.

Photo credit: Pack Insider

AK: What's the biggest difference between EYBL and HS for your game individually?

O'Bannon, Jr.: In the EYBL, players are bigger, stronger, faster and the game moves at a faster pace. I also like the fact that the EYBL has the college 3 and a shot clock because it's preparing me for the next level.

AK: What motivates you?

O'Bannon, Jr.: Just knowing everything that this game can do for me if I play my cards right.

AK: What will ultimately make basketball a success for you?

O'Bannon, Jr.: Staying in the gym and keeping a good head on my shoulders.

AK: If you could steal one trait from anyone else's game, what would it be?

O'Bannon, Jr.: Russell Westbrook's athleticism. No doubt.

AK: What's your favorite part about playing basketball?

O'Bannon, Jr.: Competition, big crowds, basketball just brings me overall joy.

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