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Projecting the Peach Jam: Bubble Watch

By D1 Circuit Staff, 05/24/17, 5:15PM EDT


Although a number of teams have all but clinched an automatic bid to Peach Jam, the final weekend of the EYBL brings with it the intrigue of the wild card bids which are up for grabs.

Because the final weekend is slated for solely divisional matchups, a lot of movement within each division both in terms of Peach Jam berths and seeding should be expected.

Plenty of bubble games will be featured in our Los Angeles Top Matchups tomorrow, but for now, check out below where each EYBL squad stands before the final circuit stop.

Teams in pole position:

Expressions Elite (7-5); Renaissance (6-6), RM5 Elite (6-6)

If these teams win out, they will secure the best non-qualifier records. Also, they stand the best chance of moving into auto bids among the non-automatic qualifiers right now. Both Renaissance and RM5 Elite are only 1 game back in Division B, with a good chance of leapfrogging into an auto-bid. The same goes for Expressions Elite, who sits at the same record as BABC (7-5) in Division D, with a head-to-head matchup remaining between the pair. Renaissance currently holds the head-to-head tiebreaker with RM5 Elite courtesy of a 1-pt victory on April 29.

In the mix:

Spiece Indy Heat, Houston Hoops, Oakland Soldiers, Nike Team Florida, Nike South Beach, Mebo Team Hood, and Georgia Stars (5-7)

All of these teams sit at the same record of 5-7. It is likely that at a minimum, one of these teams finds their way into the Peach Jam Mix, especially with only three teams in pole position for four slots. However, there are so many moving parts with this many teams at 5-7 that there is no way to know how everything is going to unfold this Memorial Day weekend

Some work to do:

Pro Skills, Southern Stampede (4-8); Mac Irvin Fire, Las Vegas Prospects, Seattle Rotary (3-9)

Is it impossible for these five teams to work their way back in? Certainly not. Pro Skills is evidence of this, putting together a 4-0 session just last session. If any of these teams can get hot and go 4-0, it is certainly possible one of these teams could snag a spot.

All but eliminated:

UPLAY Canada (2-10); Playground Elite, Portland BC (1-11); Nike Phamily, Team United (0-12)

All of these five teams have been eliminated from being one of the four best teams wild card teams based on record. However, Nike and the EYBL has always made it known to D1 Circuit that their wild card selections are not based entirely on record. If Nike decides the Peach Jam needs just a touch more Marvin Bagley III and RJ Barrett, perhaps the EYBL decides to throw Nike Phamily and UPLAY into the mix at as a wild card team just because they can. No one will know until the selection show on May 30th.


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