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NIKE EYBL LA Defensive POTS: Bol Bol

05/31/2017, 10:30pm EDT
By D1 Circuit Staff

The first three sessions proved that California Supreme junior Bol Bol was one of the best offensive prospects in the world.

Session four proved he’s in the same class defensively. 

The 7-foot-2 big man disrupted nearly everything in Los Angeles dominating the paint to a tune of 5.5 blocks per game. While one would expect a 7-foot-2 player to be a good shot-blocker, Bol is different. He pairs his frame with a natural ability to time and square up a shot. His second jump is impressive for a player his size, and he constantly has his arms outstretched - taking advantage of his ridiculously-long wingspan.

The fact that Bol can produce so efficiently on both ends of the floor makes this accolade even more impressive. There were stretches during session four in which Bol played angry, and his defensive output soared when he employed that extra gear.

Bol Bol in LA:

4-game averages: 10.3 RPG, 5.5 BPG, 18.0 PPG, 2.5 APG

Game 1: 7 blocks

Game 2: 3 blocks

Game 3: 7 blocks

Game 4: 5 blocks

Also impressive is Bol’s ability to keep the ball in play when he’s at work. He rarely deflects a ball out of bounds, and has proven the ability to start the break with both the dribble and a quick outlet pass.

If Bol enters Peach Jam at full strength, he will enter as arguably the most feared shot-blocker in the field.

He also makes Cali Supreme one of the favorites to take home Peach Jam gold.

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