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NIKE EYBL Regular Season MVP: Bol Bol

By D1 Circuit Staff, 06/06/17, 8:30PM EDT


When Bol Bol announced he was going to run with California Supreme, the level of intrigue only grew.

Nothing but rave reviews were pouring in. Many people that had seen him first-hand preached about Bol's potential. ‘He was just tapping into it,’ they said, ‘But what would happen when he started to flourish?’

"Bol is going to blow up," said one scout.

"It's Marvin Bagley, and Bol," another scout claimed.

A third minced zero words. 

"He's going to completely dominate."

Turns out, all three proclamations were correct. 

Supreme's 7-foot-2 junior took the EYBL by storm, leading Cal Supreme to a 13-3 finish while putting up some staggering numbers across the board.

Being the son of the late NBA veteran Manute Bol, many expected Bol to be an elite defensive presence. He was that and more, averaging (4.5 blocks) per game.  

What we didn't know, is how skilled he was on the offensive end. In 15 games, Bol averaged (24.1 PPG). 

His three-point shot looks natural, he runs the floor with ease and he is always a beast on the boards. The Supreme staff knew they had found a bonafide gamechanger. 

"Bol has been big for us, and he's a great talent, very skilled and versatile," Director Gary Franklin said. "I think that our coaches realized that early on, so they put him in a position to allow him to be who he is a player."

Bol's versatility is arguably the most important spect of his game, and the Supreme staff realized that quickly. It didn’t take long for the staff to let their big man loose.

"(The coaching staff) didn't want to just keep him in the post, and that allowed him to display his overall talent."

Marvin Bagley put up historic numbers in the EYBL, with Bol Bol even or right behind him in most statistical categories. The difference was the win/loss column, as Bol assimilated into a lineup of very talented players - something that helped him greatly on both ends.

"I do want to add that I think having the right pieces around him like Spencer (Freedman)," Franklin added. "He's a highly-skilled point guard who sets the table as for our team. He has one of the highest IQs I've seen since Parker Jackson-Cartwright (Arizona).

It's difficult to mention Cal Supreme without bringing up Shareef O'Neal, Bol's partner in the frontcourt and son of NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal. Having another member in the frontcourt to rely on has been key for Supreme's success.

"Bol and Shareef our one-two punch," Franklin said.

If Bol is the heavy-hitter with O'Neal providing the knockout blow, then squads are in trouble come July.

Bol's skill set is truly difficult to prepare for, and his overall game will only improve after another month of training and practicing with his squad.

Bol will be one of the biggest draws in North Augusta, an event Franklin plans to thrive in behind his star big man.

"We are looking forward to making a run," Franklin concluded.

Bol has already shown so much, but the intrigue surrounding his game remains the same. That speaks volumes about the potential he possesses, and how good he can be.

Be prepared to see the best version of him yet in Mid-July.

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