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Interview: Expressions (MA) junior Noah Fernandes

By D1 Circuit Staff, 07/06/18, 6:00PM EDT


Q: Being your second year, did you feel pressure to lead?

Noah Fernandes: Yeah, that was one thing I wanted to work in coming into this year, was just leadership. I don’t even realize it, but the guys look to me for leadership and so I just need to keep improving that. That’s basically what I’m working on, just trying to lead the team and get everyone better.

Q: Talk about winning the Battle of Boston over BABC.

NF: It was exciting, it’s my second year playing them and got them last year too in a close one. To get them this year was big because we were down 12 and I was in foul trouble. We had some guys come off the bench and make some big key plays in big moments for themselves. It was a good team effort to get that win.

Q: What’s one of your strengths on the court that stands out?

NF: I think my defense, and probably my energy. When I have positive energy, it just bounces off everyone else. When my team plays with good energy, we’re tough to beat.

Q: You have some newcomers on your team, what did you do to help them get caught up to speed for EYBL play?

NF: I’m just making sure they practice harder than they play. When you practice harder than you play, then the game just comes easier. Just like Tre (Mitchell), he’s never played at this level, but he practices at this level and he’s making it look easy.

Q:How’s the recruiting process?

NF: It’s been fun. It’s a little stressful, but I’ve just been enjoying it.

Q: Tell us about something we don’t know about you.

NF: I’m the best Fortnite player in the EYBL. I’m telling everyone. I’m the best. Gamer tag is Itraphix. Add me. I’m the best.

Q: I guess you can play day or night, because you apparently have a sound-proof room?

NF: (laughs) yep I do, I can scream all I want so it’s pretty fun.



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