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Interview: MOKAN (KS) junior Malik Hall

By D1 Circuit Staff, 07/06/18, 6:00PM EDT


H/T Jon Lopez/Nike

Malik Hall helped lead MOKAN Elite to a 12-4 record and a No. 1 seed at Peach Jam in Pool C. 

We caught up with the EYBL veteran, hitting on a variety of topics before Hall leads MOKAN into July's grassroots Super Bowl.

Interview with Malik Hall

Question: Malik, how are you? How are things?

Malik Hall: Good good! Just getting ready for Peach Jam.

Q: This is your second Peach Jam, how is the approach different? How valuable is it that you've already experienced it once?

MH: I think that it gives me a type of edge because we didn't do super well last year, so this year I already know how crazy it's going to be. I will be prepared to help guide my teammates through the craziness.

Q: You were 'the guy' this year. Do you enjoy being the top option? Do you adapt your game at all?

MH: I think that I might have been the most known player on the team, so everyone may have keyed into me more, but I don't think there were any adjustments I had to make because it's all just basketball. My teammates always do a good job of keeping me in rhythm and trusting me to make the right plays.

Q: What do you do best on the court? What's your bread and butter?

MH: I think my bread and butter would be getting to the rim whenever I want. I think throughout the years I have learned to become crafty so I can get what I want.

Q: Anything in particular you're working on right now?

My shot. I didn't shoot it was well as I wanted to this spring so I've been working on that a lot.

Q: What part of Peach Jam excites you the most?

MH: I'm just exciting about winning. I think we have a chance to do something special this year, so I'm looking forward to the competition and competing with my brothers.

Q: How's the recruitment process going? Any leaders in the clubhouse?

MH: Not necessarily, I have some people that hit me up a lot though.

Q: Does that ever get annoying?

MH: No, I mean it's a blessing. I'm glad I get to be in a position where several schools want me.

Q: For sure. What has the MOKAN program meant to you/

MH: It means the world. They have helped me get into a position that I don't think I could be at. They have taught me to play the right way, and play that way with passion. I have nothing but love for everyone involved in the program.

Q: What do you focus on other than hoops?

MH: My school work. But also enjoying my life, family and friends!

Q: Dream job outside of hoops?

MH: I'd probably be a coach!



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