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Interview: AOT (GA) sophomore Sharife Cooper

By D1 Circuit Staff, 07/06/18, 6:00PM EDT


Sharife Cooper was red-hot the entire EYBL season, putting u nine 20-point games and 10 games of 6+ assists. His play earned him Offensive Player of the Year, the first underclassmen to do so since we the start of our coverage in 2013. He was also part of the First-Team All-Underclassman team, earning Underclassman of the Year.

We caught up with the talented sophomore, addressing a variety of topics heading into Peach Jam.

Question: You have more accolades than any other underclassmen this season. Talk about what the means to you.

Sharife Cooper: It’s a blessing. I worked so hard this, just to be able to show my talents on the biggest circuit is a blessing.

Q: What’s the ultimate goal?

SC: Just to win Peach Jam. Just keep playing as a team, play hard every game and we’ll have a chance.

What’s the recruiting process like?

SC: It’s starting to pick up, a lot of coaches are starting to call my dad and the offers are coming in. I’m just soaking it all in right now.

Q: You play on AOT with a bunch of your high school teammates at McEachern? What’s that like?

SC: It’s amazing, we have great team chemistry. We can flow right from the high school season into the EYBL season.

Q: Ever get annoying seeing the same guys all the time?!

SC: (laughs) No, I’ve been playing with these guys my whole life. Isaac (Okoro) I’ve played with since I was six years old. I love these dudes.

Q: Is there a teammate you enjoy playing with more than anyone else?

SC: Probably Isaac. I mean I love all of them, but probably him. He’s like my second hand, he knows exactly where I’m going to be on the floor. The chemistry is on another level.

Q: What do you guys do at the hotel? Getting a good night sleep or up all night playing video games?

SC: Oh man, my (coach) dad is crazy about this. We don’t do anything when we go out of town. They take our phones. It’s all business. We basically go to sleep.

Q: Coach Cooper going to take offense you called him crazy?

SC: (laughs) maybe, he knows he’s crazy, so it’s all good.

Q: What gets you in the right headspace to play basketball?

SC: Music. Mainly music. I just bump some music pregame.



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