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Peach Jam 2018: Complete list of Ranked Players Competing in North Augusta

By D1 Circuit Staff, 07/11/18, 1:30PM EDT


The 2018 Peach Jam is here and we have your watch guide for the weekend.

125 ranked recruits from Rivals 2019 Top 150 & 2020 Top 125 will be in North Augusta, South Carolina this week.

76 will be competing at the historic 17U NIKE EYBL Peach Jam23 out of 24 qualified teams have at least one ranked recruit on their roster.

16 players from nine different programs will be playing at the E16 Finals, led by Phenom University with three.

31 ranked prospects will be participating at the Peach Invitational Tournament (PIT), which plays host to 14 of the 16 programs that failed to qualify for Peach Jam. 

Two players will be competing in the E15 Finals. Six players from the 2020 and 2021 rankings played on the circuit but failed to qualify for E16 or E15.

58 total players from ESPN's 2019, 2020 and 2021 classes are at Peach Jam. Scroll down to see the full list.

Check out the team-by-team breakdown of ranked recruits.

2019 & 2020 Recruits

Nike Team Florida (FL)

F Vernon Carey Jr (Rivals No. 1)

G Kyle Sturdivant (Rivals No. 66)

F Scottie Barnes (Rivals 2020 No. 2)

G Noah Farrakhan (Rivals 2020 No. 36)

PSA Cardinals (NY)

G Cole Anthony (Rivals No. 2)

F Ismael Massoud (Rivals No. 89)

F Max Lorca-Lloyd (Rivals No. 100)

G James Bouknight (Rivals No. 115)

G Tyson Etienne (Rivals No. 131)

F Richard Springs (Rivals 2020 No. 97)

Bluff City Legends (TN)

F James Wiseman (Rivals No. 3)

F DJ Jeffries (Rivals No. 45)

F Chandler Lawson (Rivals No. 86)

F Malcolm Dandridge (Rivals No. 117)

Seattle Rotary Style (WA)

F Jaden McDaniels (Rivals No. 4)

G Raequan Battle (Rivals No. 149)

City Rocks (NY)

F Isaiah Stewart II (Rivals No. 6)

G Joe Girard (Rivals No. 127)

G Andre Jackson (Rivals 2020 No. 39)

G Symir Torrence (Rivals 2020 No. 62)

Houston Hoops (TX)

G Tyrese Maxey (Rivals No. 7)

G De'Vion Harmon (Rivals No. 31)

G Chris Harris Jr (Rivals No. 83)

G Donovan Williams (Rivals No. 97)

F Dylan Disu (Rivals No. 124)

Indy Heat (IN)

F Keion Brooks Jr (Rivals No. 15)

F Trayce Jackson-Davis (Rivals No. 16)

Renaissance (NY)

G Jalen Lecque (Rivals No. 18)

F Kofi Cockburn (Rivals No. 24)

G Ethan Morton (Rivals 2020 No. 47)

G Nate Tabor (Rivals 2020 No. 60)

F Kareem Reid (Rivals No. 84)

Team Takeover (DC)

F Armando Bacot Jr (Rivals No. 21)

G Justin Moore (Rivals No. 57)

G Casey Mosell (Rivals No. 64)

G Anthony Harris (Rivals No. 65)

G Jeremy Roach (Rivals 2020 No. 16)

F Hunter Dickinson (Rivals 2020 No. 17)

F Terrence Williams (Rivals 2020 No. 83)

AOT Running Rebels (GA)

F Isaac Okoro (Rivals No. 22)

F Babatunde Akingbola (Rivals No. 101)

G Sharife Cooper (Rivals 2020 No. 26)

G BJ Boston (Rivals 2020 No. 14)

Team CP3 (NC)

F Wendell Moore Jr (Rivals No. 25)

G/F Antavion Collum (Rivals No. 98)

E1T1 United (FL)

G Tre Mann (Rivals No. 29)

F CJ Walker (Rivals No. 44)

Team WhyNot (CA)

G Cassius Stanley (Rivals No. 32)

G Nimari Burnett (Rivals No. 62)

Drive Nation (TX)

G Samuell Williamson (Rivals No. 34)

G Jahmius Ramsey (Rivals No. 36)

F Drew Timme (Rivals No. 39)

G Avery Anderson (Rivals No. 107) 53

Brad Beal Elite (MO)

F EJ Liddell (Rivals No. 38)

F Francis Okoro (Rivals No. 46)

G Mario McKinney (Rivals No. 121)

G Moses Moody (Rivals No. 29)

MOKAN Elite (KS)

F Malik Hall (Rivals No. 49)

G Grant Sherfield (Rivals No. 93)

G Isiaih Mosley (Rivals No. 146)

F N'Faly Dante (Rivals 2020 No. 5)

F Roman Wilson (RIvals 2020 No. 74)

Team United (NC)

G Patrick Williams (Rivals No. 61)

G Juwan Gary (Rivals No. 70)

MeanStreets (IL)

G Brandon Newman (Rivals No. 80)

F Tray Jackson (Rivals No. 105)

G Armaan Franklin (Rivals No. 140)

Oakland Soldiers (CA)

G Boogie Ellis (Rivals No. 108)

G Gianni Hunt (Rivals No. 137)

F KJ Martin (Rivals No. 141)

Woodz Elite (AR)

G Mylik Wilson (Rivals No. 110)

G Austin Crowley (Rivals No. 112)

New York Lightning (NYC)

C Clifford Omoruyi (Rivals 2020 No. 48)

G Posh Alexander (Rivals No. 67)

Expressions Elite (MA)

F Tre Mitchell (Rivals No. 92)

Playaz Club (NJ)

G Khalif Battle (Rivals No. 104)

E16 Finals

E16 Finals Home

Phenom University (WI) F Jalen Johnson (Rivals 2020 No. 9)

Phenom University (WI) F Jamari Sibley (Rivals 2020 No. 96)

Phenom University (WI) G Reece Beekman (Rivals 2020 No. 118)

Brad Beal Elite (MO) G Caleb Love (Rivals 2020 No. 42)

Brad Beal Elite (MO) F Cam'Ron Flethcer (Rivals 2020 No. 44)

Renaissance (NY) F Lance Ware (Rivals 2020 No. 45)

Team Takeover (DC) G/F Dimingus Stevens (Rivals 2020 No. 53)

MeanStreets (IL) G Tyler Beard (Rivals 2020 No. 54)

MeanStreets (IL) G DJ Steward (Rivals 2020 No. 59)

Texas Titans (TX) F Richard Amaefule (Rivals 2020 No. 68)

Texas Titans (TX) G Mike Miles (Rivals 2020 No. 108)

Woodz Elite (AR) G Gerald Doakes (Rivals 2020 No. 89)

Nightrydas (FL) G Dudley Blackwell (Rivals 2020 No. 98)

Nightrydas (FL) G Antwan Burnett (Rivals 2020 No. 114)

MEBO (MS) G Keondre Montgomery (Rivals 2020 No. 113)

Peach Invitational

Peach Invitational Tournament Home

F Trendon Watford - GA Stars (Rivals No. 14)

F Balsa Koprivica - GA Stars (Rivals No. 58)

G Elias King - GA Stars (Rivals No. 68)

G Kira Lewis - GA Stars (Rivals No. 28)

F Zimife Nwokeji - GA Stars (Rivals No. 133)

F Kahlil Whitney - Mac Irvin Fire (Rivals No. 23)

F Terrence Shannon Jr - Mac Irvin Fire (Rivals No. 71)

G Markese Jacobs - Mac Irvin Fire (Rivals No. 91)

G Adam Miller - Mac Irvin Fire (Rivals No. 33)

F Alonzo Gaffney - All Ohio Red (Rivals No. 30)

F Carl Lewis - The Truth - (Rivals No. 41)

F Jaime Jaquez - The Truth (Rivals No. 78)

F Romeo Weems - The Family Detroit (Rivals No. 37)

G Rocket Watts - The Family Detroit (Rivals No. 50)

F Isaiah Jackson - The Family Detroit (Rivals 2020 No. 20)

G Jalen Terry - The Family Detroit (Rivals 2020 No. 51)

F Carlos Johnson - The Family Detroit (Rivals 2020 No. 99)

F Terry Armstrong - Phamily (Rivals No. 59)

G Brycen Goodine - BABC (Rivals No. 85)

F Emmanuel Miller - UPLAY (Rivals No. 90)

G Jaelen House - LV Prospects (Rivals No. 106)

F Jalen Hill - LV Prospects (Rivals No. 119)

G Josh Christopher - LV Prospects (Rivals 2020 No. 12)

G Julian Strawther - LV Prospects (Rivals 2020 No. 22)

G Jaylen Forbes - MEBO (Rivals No. 111)

F Seth Lundy - Team Final (Rivals No. 116)

G Lynn Greer III - Team Final (Rivals 2020 No. 77)

G AJ Hoggard - Team Final (Rivals 2020 No. 87)

F Noah Collier - Team Final (Rivals 2020 No. 105)

G Cameron Thomas - Boo Williams (Rivals 2020 No. 30)

F Justin Lewis - Team Melo (Rivals 2020 No. 93)

Peach Jam Schedule

July 11-15

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2019 ESPN Rankings

Rank First Last EYBL Team Tournament
1 James Wiseman Bluff City Legends (TN) Peach Jam
2 Vernon Carey Jr. Nike Team Florida Peach Jam
3 Cole Anthony PSA Cardinals (NY) Peach Jam
4 Jaden McDaniels Seattle Rotary Style (WA) Peach Jam
5 Isaiah Stewart II City Rocks (NY) Peach Jam
7 Tyrese Maxey Houston Hoops (TX) Peach Jam
11 Jalen Lecque The Renaissance (NY) Peach Jam
14 Kahlil Whitney Mac Irvin Fire Peach Invitational
15 Trayce Jackson-Davis Indy Heat (IN) Peach Jam
17 Trendon Watford GA Stars Peach Invitational
18 Wendell Moore Team CP3 (NC) Peach Jam
19 DJ Jeffries Bluff City Legends (TN) Peach Jam
20 Armando Bacot Jr Team Takeover (DC) Peach Jam
23 Kofi Cockburn The Renaissance (NY) Peach Jam
24 Alonzo Gaffney All Ohio Red Peach Invitational
25 Keion Brooks Jr Indy Heat (IN) Peach Jam
29 Jahmius Ramsey Drive Nation (TX) Peach Jam
31 Rocket Watts The Family Detroit (MI) Peach Invitational
33 Balsa Koprivica GA Stars Peach Invitational
34 Cassius Stanley Team WhyNot (CA) Peach Jam
35 EJ Liddell Brad Beal Elite (MO) Peach Jam
37 Romeo Weems The Family Detroit (MI) Peach Invitational
38 Carl Lewis The Truth (CA) Peach Invitational
39 Isaac Okoro AOT Running Rebels (GA) Peach Jam
42 Tre Mann E1T1 United (FL) Peach Jam
43 Samuell Williamson Drive Nation (TX) Peach Jam
44 Kira Lewis Jr GA Stars Peach Invitational
45 CJ Walker E1T1 United (FL) Peach Jam
46 Patrick Williams Team United (NC) Peach Jam
47 Chandler Lawson Bluff City Legends (TN) Peach Jam
48 Justin Moore Team Takeover (DC) Peach Jam
51 De'Vion Harmon Houston Hoops (TX) Peach Jam
53 Juwan Gary Team United (NC) Peach Jam
56 Francis Okoro Brad Beal Elite (MO) Peach Jam
57 Jaime Jaquez The Truth (CA) Peach Invitational
58 Malik Hall MOKAN Elite (KS) Peach Jam
64 Brycen Goodine BABC (MA) Peach Invitational
66 Casey Morsell Team Takeover (DC) Peach Jam
69 Drew Timme Drive Nation (TX) Peach Jam
70 Jaylen Forbes MEBO (MS) Peach Invitational
75 Antavion Collum Team CP3 (NC) Peach Jam
76 Tray Jackson MeanStreets (IL) Peach Jam
82 Tre Mitchell Expressions Elite (MA) Peach Jam
83 Anthony Harris Team Takeover (DC) Peach Jam
84 Charles Smith AOT Running Rebels (GA) Peach Jam
86 Khalif Battle Playaz Club (NJ) Peach Jam
88 Markese Jacobs Mac Irvin Fire (IL) Peach Invitational
89 Joe Girard City Rocks (NY) Peach Jam
90 James Bouknight PSA Cardinals (NY) Peach Jam
92 Victor Iwuakor Drive Nation (TX) Peach Jam
93 Tyrese Samuels UPLAY (CAN) Peach Invitational
99 Ismael Massoud PSA Cardinals (NY) Peach Jam
100 Jalen Hill LV Prospects (NV) Peach Invitational

2020 ESPN Rankings

Rank First Last EYBL Team Tournament
4 Scottie Barnes Nike Team Florida Peach Jam
5 Jalen Johnson Phenom University (WA) E16 Finals
9 Josh Christopher LV Prospects (NV) Peach Invitational
10 N'Faly Dante MOKAN Elite (KS) Peach Jam
15 Isaiah Jackson The Family Detroit (MI) Peach Invitational
16 Adam Miller Mac Irvin Fire (IL) Peach Invitational
17 Moses Moody Brad Beal Elite (MO) Peach Jam
19 BJ Boston AOT Running Rebels (GA) Peach Jam
21 Hunter Dickinson Team Takeover (DC) Peach Jam
23 Jeremy Roach Team Takeover (DC) Peach Jam
26 Cameron Thomas Boo Williams (VA) Peach Invitational
28 Julian Strawther LV Prospects (NV) Peach Invitational
29 Noah Farrakhan Nike Team Florida Peach Jam
30 Sharife Cooper AOT Running Rebels (GA) Peach Jam
34 Cam'Ron Fletcher Brad Beal Elite (MO) E16 Finals
35 Nimari Burnett Team WhyNot (CA) Peach Jam
37 Andre Jackson City Rocks (NY) Peach Jam
41 Ethan Morton The Renaissance (NY) Peach Jam
45 Cliff Omoruyi NY Lightning (NYC) Peach Jam
47 Posh Alexander NY Lightning (NYC) Peach Jam
49 Lance Ware The Renaissance (NY) E16 Finals
53 Antwan Burnett NightRydas (FL) E16 Finals
56 Nate Tabor The Renaissance (NY) Peach Jam
58 Gerald Doakes Woodz Elite (AR) E16 Finals
60 Nick Ongendu Woodz Elite (AR) E16 Finals

2021 ESPN Rankings

Rank First Last EYBL Team Tournament
1 Pat Baldwin Jr Phenom University (WI) E16 Finals
2 Terrence Clarke Expressions Elite (MA) Peach Jam
4 Jaden Hardy LV Prospects (NV) Peach Invitational
5 Paolo Banchero Seattle Rotary Style (WA) Peach Jam
6 Moussa Diabate NightRydas (FL) E16 Finals
7 Moussa Cisse The Renaissance (NY) Peach Jam
8 Zion Harmon Brad Beal Elite (MO) Peach Jam
9 Jon Kuminga The Renaissance (NY) Peach Jam
10 Will Jeffress Team Durant (DC) E16 Finals
11 Johnathan Butler Team United (SC) 16s didn't qualify
13 Aminu Mohammed Boo Williams (VA) 16s didn't qualify
14 Johnathan Lawson Bluff City Legends (TN) 16s didn't qualify
17 Adrian Griffin The Renaissance (NY) E16 Finals
18 Kendall Brown Howard Pulley (MN) 16s didn't qualify
19 Randy Brady We All Can Go (TN) E15 Finals
21 Caleb Furst Indy Heat (IN) 16s didn't qualify
22 Chuks Isitua We All Can Go (TN) E15 Finals
25 Obinna Anyanwu LV Prospects (NV) E16 Finals


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