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Dear Senior Year: De'Vion Harmon

By De'Vion Harmon / Nate Bucsko, 09/25/18, 11:00AM EDT


As one of the premier prep point guards in the world, Guyer senior De'Vion Harmon has always had a target on his back and chip on his shoulder.

The Oklahoma commit has a singular goal for his final season with his home team: win a state title. And he has all the tools to take his squad to the promised land.

Prep Circuit's Nate Bucsko caught up with Harmon to talk about his game, goals, and future.

What He's Learned

Playing in the EYBL helped me learn how to always bring my best to the floor and be consistent.

Right now I'm working on becoming more consistent with my shot and expanding my range. Putting up a lot of reps, trying to get automatic from all over the court.

Cementing His Legacy

For a little bit, questions were going around asking if I was going to transfer to a Prep/Academy school, but there’s no way I could leave home. I had a job to do here and that’s win a State Championship.

For us to win State, it’s definitely going to start with me. I’m the point guard. So many teams are going to throw different things at me over the course of the season, so I have to be able to adjust and react. I look forward to proving I can shoot from all areas of the floor.

Team Game

(Basketball is) a lot of fun. Basketball is a team sport, there are five guys on the court at a time. Those five guys, you have to go to war with them. The time that we spend off the court, all that chemistry, that helps on the court. If you don't have chemistry, you aren't going to win ballgames. (EYBL video interview)

The next time I leave home, l’ll be headed to Norman, Oklahoma.

– De'Vion Harmon


My individual goal is to just get better every day. Grow as a person, grow as a player, as a student, as a leader. You have one job to do every day, and that's to get better. If you're not getting better every day, then you're not working hard enough.

Boomer Sooner

I’m super excited! (to get to college). It’s definitely going to be a transition to leaving the house and going into life and living on my own, but my family is helping and supporting me every step of the way.

They're getting a competitor, a hard-nosed competitor who is going to come in and be a leader. He's going to do whatever it takes to win, whether it's scoring a bunch or giving out a lot of assists. Doing whatever I can to win ballgames. That's what it's all about, it's about winning. Off the court, I'm a regular person. I am a regular person, but I'm not a regular person. I just want to have fun, joke around with all my guys. If I can do that, then I'm having fun. I'm good. (full video)

When June rolls around, I know I’ll be even more ready and prepared to leave home. Going to a great place like Oklahoma, I mean, I'm just excited. The next time I leave home, l’ll be headed to Norman, Oklahoma.

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