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Al-Amir Dawes tells Prep Circuit he has verbally committed to Clemson University - He did a Q&A on his decision

By Pat Lawless, 10/11/18, 3:15PM EDT


Al-Amir Dawes tells Prep Circuit he has committed to Clemson

Al-Amir Dawes, a senior guard from The Patrick School (N.J.), tells Prep Circuit he has verbally committed to Clemson University. Dawes broke down what went behind this decision and more.

Q: What school have you chosen?

A: “I’ve decided on Clemson University.”

Q: Why did you decide Clemson?

A: “Their two senior guards are leaving and that will open opportunities for me. As long as I do what I have to on my end I will be able to play as a freshman.”

Q: What did you see from Clemson on your visit that makes you feel confident that this is the right choice for you?

A: “Their level of play during practice stood out to me. I got to see how they go up and down and they showed me some film. The people there are great and it’s a nice, quiet town down there. I’ll have a good support system, which will be great for me.”

Q: What was the conversation like with the coaches there and what did they say they had planned for you?

A: “They have just told me that they are going to get me better in any way they can. They want to get me stronger and get me to a place where I play as I do here.”

Q: What do you see yourself bringing to Clemson’s program?

A: “I’ll bring my ability to score, lead the team and just do anything I can to make my teammates better. I want to bring a winning mentality and do anything I can to help their program. The objective is to make it to the tournament again and win the whole thing.”

Q: For those Clemson fans that haven’t gotten the chance to see you play yet, who is Al-Amir Dawes?

A: “They are getting a gritty kid who came from nothing and someone who will play with a chip on his shoulder. He’s been doubted since he started playing basketball and they are getting a kid who will bring a lot of excitement.”

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