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Site Guide

Class Name Effect LOCATION
hero-news hero news slider styles
featured-news three column featured news agg. Applies foramtting and styling
news-feed This class is a simple styled news agg. can
hide-desc Hides the description text on the news agg.
news-video news agg with video icon.
internal-news Can be used for all internal news aggs.
header Applies red accent underline if not already shown
custom-cta This is a styled text block. Should not use more than 3 links
custom-cta-2 Styles a call to action with a hover effect
block-quote Use this instead of the built in quote maker in a text block element
custom-network-source Used to grab and style Nike Banner
banner Used to grab and style Nike Banner
presented-by Layout container for the "powered by" banner only for MOBILE
sponsor-logo Used to target img to be placed in mobile banner